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  • Keith Melton's Chair (Keith Melton)
    Article: Mar 16, 2021
    By Keith Melton in GLD Challenge magazine 2020-21

    Global Summit on the Climate Crisis
    COP26 - Glasgow 2021
    Pivoting to a new World Order?

    I want to put this challenge out there.
    I want to know if anybody`s listening.
    It is not a new challenge, but it may just be timely to seek an answer. 2021 will be a pivotal year.

    The world has made great progress in producing a number of new, effective vaccines to tackle Covid 19. Unless we are struck with a new, more dangerous variant of this tiny unseen enemy, there is some hope that the UK may be one of the first countries to emerge from lockdown.

  • York
    Article: Mar 16, 2021
    By Christian Vassie in GLD Challenge magazine 2020-21

    York: Getting real about carbon zero

    And so they built a cluster of passive homes in the heart of York to demonstrate how transforming construction would deliver the carbon zero future. When the last roof tiles were in place and the last licks of paint brushed across the low carbon plasterboard, the houses went on sale and weeks later the happy Harrison family moved in. A couple of years later those who had created the homes returned to measure the Harrison's carbon footprint to show the world how the new homes had contributed to a safer, greener, zero carbon future and …

  • Battery car charging (Jed Marson)
    Article: Mar 15, 2021
    By Jed Marson in GLD Challenge magazine 2020-21


    Every now and again I see articles knocking the battery sustainability in a car.
    Batteries have a very long life beyond the vehicle in home energy storage.

    In the car - two types of battery performance are key - that is both how fast, and how far.

    The problem in the car today is that all the performance and range are needed, because these are early stage products, with technology that needs a bit of Moore's Law step changes to come through in time.

  • Pink Boat at XR Climate Demonsatration (J N Fuller)
    Article: Mar 15, 2021
    By Jonathan Fuller of XR in GLD Challenge magazine 2020-21

    COP26 - time to become utterly relentless

    As we approach COP26 in Glasgow, and as we begin to gain a little more freedom from all that Covid 19 has imposed upon us, we need to call to everyone, everywhere, to make the lead up to COP26 the most dynamic, powerful and spectacular of demonstrations our nation has ever seen.

  • Stewart Reddaway (Stewart Reddaway)
    Article: Mar 15, 2021
    By Stewart Reddaway in GLD Challenge magazine 2020-21

    A Carbon Tax + Dividend reduces both CO2 and Poverty

    Most policies to reduce CO2, at various levels of government, are for specific actions, regulations or investments. Many are good policies, but they are limited in scope and may have unforeseen consequences. A tax on carbon, applied initially to fossil fuel at the point of production or import, taxes the pollution, and influences decisions on how to reduce the tax paid across-the-board. It is the cheapest way to reduce CO2.

  • TimFarron
    Article: Mar 8, 2021
    By Tim Farron in GLD Challenge magazine 2020-21

    Protect our Farmers by Tim Farron MP - March 2021

    2021 is going to be a big year for the Liberal Democrats campaigning to protect our natural environment. Now that the Transition Period is over, it is time for us to hold the Conservatives to their promises to support our farmers and protect and enhance our natural environment.

  • wikimedia Thiacloprid_structure
    Article: Mar 7, 2021
    By David Appleton in GLD Challenge magazine 2020-21


    Although the Government looked at giving farmers a derogation to use neonicotinoid pesticides ('neonics') on sugar beet for 2021, which have been banned in the UK/EU since 2017/2018 due to the growing weight of scientific evidence they are harmful to bees and other pollinators, the derogation has not been granted for this year. The proposed derogation was due to the threat posed by viruses carried by aphids which can reduce crop yields by up to 75%. However, recent cold weather has reduced the aphid population sufficiently such that the derogation is considered unnecessary.

  • Family Time photo from GLD Photography Competition 2020 (Joanne Barton)
    Article: Mar 6, 2021
    By Andrew Stunnell in GLD Challenge magazine 2020-21

    The Nuclear Story So Far (with a quick look to the future)
    by Lord Stunnell

    The idea of building New Nuclear was down and out in the early '90s as electricity privatisation made its huge cost much more transparent, and the embarrassing failure to find any way to store nuclear waste, let alone recycle it, became acute as decommissioning of the first generation of plant began.
    Meanwhile any justification for it 'making fuel for weapons' had ended with over 90 tons of Plutonium already stockpiled just in case.

  • WellBeing Video from GreenLibDems Vision2020 Conference (greenlibdems.org.uk)
    Article: Mar 3, 2021

    Wellbeing Video with Professor Emmy van Deurzen and Councillor Jane Brophy
    from GreenLibDem 2020 Vision Conference Thu 25th June 2020

    shortcode to this page: http://grn.lib.dm/a41dz6

    Transcription subedited by Jackie Charlton

    Keith Melton: We're going to have two speakers this evening. The first of those to the stage will be Professor Emmy van Deurzen who's a counselling psychologist, a psychotherapist, and philosopher, and a world authority on existential psychotherapy: and I'm hoping she will be able to explain all of those words to us, as well as the definition of well-being.

  • EcoLInk - 2 trailers behind one tractor unit (Dick.Denby@denbytransport.co.uk)
    Article: Mar 1, 2021
    By Barry Cash. in GLD Challenge magazine 2020-21

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could reduce the fuel used by Heavy Goods vehicles (HGVs) by 15% ?

    Well, Dick Denby (85) has done just that! Dick has spent a lifetime in the Haulage Industry running Denby Transport of Lincoln, the company started by his father in 1926.
    When he retired, Dick started a new project, to make our lorries more efficient.