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The Green Liberal Democrats' Record

The Green Liberal Democrats is the environmental campaign group of the Liberal Democrats. It is the largest campaign group within the Party, and has been influential in ensuring that all aspects of the Party's policies have their ecological impact considered. It is working to put sustainability onto the mainstream political agenda.

The Liberal Democrats' Record on the Environment in the 2010 to 2015 Coalition Government

In the FOE report on one year of "The Greenest Government Ever" published in May 2011, the introduction says "Cameron had led the Conservative Party into a Coalition with a Liberal Democrat party that had both a strong track record on the environment, and a firm promise in its manifesto to integrate the environment into all policy areas."

Unfortunately the report is not glowing in it's assessment - at every turn we appear to be losing to the growth-is-everything bean-counters. "Liberal Democrat Ministers have failed to promote their cause with sufficient vigour inside the Coalition, and their back-benchers have failed to hold their own Ministers properly to account."

In October 2013 the Green Alliance published this on Green Liberalism

"Bringing together contributions from party insiders and outsider experts, it looks at how to grow the means to achieve local progress on climate change and what a uniquely liberal approach to local low carbon development would look like. Taken together, these pieces draw a compelling picture of how localism and low carbon development can be combined to create a vibrant local economy."

And The Green Standard 2013 which assesses the performance of all three parties on green issues.

"The Liberal Democrats have won some significant battles on climate change. But they need to develop a bolder and more holistic approach to environmental sustainability in government, particularly for the natural environment, if they wish to continue to claim to be a 'green' party. The leadership must defend the fourth carbon budget and deliver an energy framework compatible with decarbonisation. The importance of the environment for ensuring economic renewal should be heard from all senior Liberal Democrat ministers, not just the energy and climate change secretary. Their next election manifesto should show clear support for a post-2020 European renewables target. The party needs to realise its ambition for localism, and address the lack of resources and expert support available for the local councils and local enterprise partnerships that are trying to go green."

The advent of the Green Manifesto will address many of these challenges, and we look forward to the final draft of the 2015 General Election manifesto with optimism.

Historical Achievements

In the past, the Liberal Democrats have consistently score highly in independent reviews of their policies and record of action. During the General Election in 2001, the Friends of the Earth gave the Lib Dems' manifesto a score of 37.5 out of 50. This compared with a Labour score of 23 and an abysmal Tory score of just 6.5!

The Lib Dems similarly scored highly when FoE repeated the exercise for the 2003 Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament elections.

Friends of the Earth gave the Liberal Democrat MEPs a 99% rating for their voting record on environmental issues. This EU Vote Watch Logocompares with Labour's 70% and the Conservatives' shocking 13% rating.

For more information, including your region's MEPs' voting records, see www.eu-votewatch.org.

Our continuing inability to push through our ideals at the heart of national government makes us all the more determined to lobby and inform MPs and ministers. Without the environment, there is no society - there is no economy. We must protect and preserve it and force those who ask for our support to do likewise.

Policy Record

The Liberal Democrats have a democratic policy making process. Every member has a real chance to contribute to how policy works. For this reason, organisations like the Green Liberal Democrats have a real chance to set the agenda.

Liberal Democrats Environment Policy

These are all available through the members area of the libdem website linked above.

Note that this is not all of Libdem environmental policy, since every paper will take green issues into account where appropriate - which is ample evidence for our claim to be Britain's Greenest political pary.