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Introducing our "Green Heroes" - General Election 2019

"We believe that each generation is responsible for the fate of our planet and, by safeguarding the balance of nature and the environment, for the long-term continuity of life in all its forms."

Extract from the Preamble to the Liberal Democrat Constitution (in place since 1988)

Pippa - GH#1

Pippa Heylings - Global Green Change Catalyst

Jason Billin Rushcliffe (Jason Billin)

Jason Billin - tackling Green Issues in Business

Katie Critchlow (Katie Critchlow)

Katie Critchlow - Our Liberal Democrat candidate for Swindon North (Felix Dodds)

Felix Dodds - Global Green Change Catalyst

Wera Hobhouse (Wera Hobhouse)

Wera Hobhouse is the Liberal Democrat MP for Bath

Linda Johnson and Jason Billin (Almona Choudhury)

Linda Johnson is our (Green) Liberal Democrat candidate for the Haltemprice and Howden constituency in Yorkshire

Gideon Amos (Gideon Amos)

Gideon Amos Putting the 'sustainable' into sustainable development for the 21st century

Dr Kate O`Kelly (Dr Kate O`Kelly)

Dr Kate O`Kelly is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Chichester

Rhys Taylor #3 (Rhys Taylor)

Rhys Taylor - Advocate for Air Quality

Louise harris planting trees (Louise Harris)

Louise Harris - our candidate for Filton & Bradley Stoke

Di Keal (Di Keal)

Councillor Di Keal is a long term campaigner against fracking

Robert Eggelston (Robert Eggelston)

Robert Eggleston (leader of the Burgess Hill Town Council) is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mid Sussex

Jules Ewart (Jules Ewart)

Jules Ewart - "Originator of the Green Grid...?"

Oli Henman (Oli Henman)

Oli Henman

Rebecca Hanson (Rebecca Hanson)

Rebecca Hanson

Chris Bowers (Chris Bowers)

Chris Bowers

Kamran Hussain (Kamran Hussain)

Kamran Hussan

Adam Boyden (Adam Boyden)

Adam Boyden

Martin Wrigley (Martin Wrigley)

Martin Wrigley

Tim Styles (Tim Styles)

Tim Styles

Tim Farron (Tim Farron)

Tim Farron

Olly Glover cycling (Olly Glover)

Olly Glover

Andrew George (Andrew George)

Andrew George

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Here at GLD (Green Liberal Democrats) we've been so excited to learn about how many of our MP candidates are real green heroes - already fighting in their professional life, as councillors or members of the community for a cleaner, safer planet.

Pipa HeylingsWe've picked a selection of 30 of our top "green heroes" to give you a sense of what our Lib Dem candidates are made of and what could be possible if we work together to elect more Green Heroes into Parliament. Our first profile is of Pippa Heylings our candidate for South East Cambridgeshire...)

Pippa Heylings

We are sharing the profile of at least one of our Green Heroes every day throughout the election and we hope you will be inspired to help them by sharing their profile with your friends and family and supporting their campaign.

It is important to emphasise that all our Liberal Democrat candidates are heroes! As we head into the most significant General Election in a Generation, we're so proud to be THE party with THE plan which could really deliver a fair and fast transition to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2045.

Every single Lib Dem MP that you help to elect will be responsible for driving our climate and environment policy priorities through Parliament.

But we hope that you find our list of Green Heroes particularly inspiring. These are Lib Dem candidates who specifically place climate and environmental issues at the front and centre in their campaigns and who we believe will personally push these priorities in parliament. Politics is not just about policies - it`s about people who are willing to put their heart and soul into making the policies happen.

We believe THIS election will be the defining election for tackling the Climate Emergency

We only have one decade left to make massive change to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and get on a path to a zero-carbon economy. Bold action in this next parliament is essential. We hope you will be as inspired as we are by the potential of our Green Heroes and countless other Lib Dem candidates across the country to make change happen.

If so, please visit our candidate campaign sites, find out more how you could support them with your time, money, social media, votes!

GLD Stall - Pippa Heylings modelling the new T-shirt (Kevin Daws) Jason Billin Rushcliffe (Jason Billin) Katie Critchlow (Katie Critchlow) (Felix Dodds) Wera Hobhouse (Wera Hobhouse) GLD Conference 2018 - Ed Davey enjoying a well earned cuppa (KNDaws) Linda Johnson and Jason Billin (Almona Choudhury) Gideon Amos (Gideon Amos) Dr Kate O`Kelly (Dr Kate O`Kelly) Rhys Taylor #3 (Rhys Taylor) Louise harris planting trees (Louise Harris) Di Keal anti-fracking (Di Keal) Jules Ewart (Jules Ewart) Oli Henman (Oli Henman) Rebecca Hanson (Rebecca Hanson) Chris Bowers (Chris Bowers) Kamran Hussain (Kamran Hussain) Adam Boyden (Adam Boyden) Martin Wrigley (Martin Wrigley) Tim Styles (Tim Styles) Tim Farron Olly Glover cycling (Olly Glover) Andrew George (Andrew George) Green Heroes Next GLD Hero