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  • Article: Jan 12, 2018

    Do not guess. Argue using the latest stats on Installed Generation Capacity, Energy Output, Load Factor and more.

    Latest Renewable Energy Statistics to 2017 Q3

    Article: Jan 10, 2018

    The responsibility for waste is split between the district and borough councils - which are responsible for collecting household waste - and the county council - which is reponsible for setting up Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) and for disposing of all the waste arising within the county. Hertfordshire County Council must devise a Waste Disposal Strategy and this must account for commercial waste as well as all municipal waste. The Hertfordshire Waste Partnership is a consortium between all the districts and boroughs in the county and the the county council itself. This shares costs, refunds savings and explores and assesses new methods of waste disposal. It also uses the economies of scale that result from a county-wide co-ordination in order to negotiate competitive contracts for waste disposal that save money for all of Hertfordshire's council tax payers.

  • Article: Jan 9, 2018
    By Thomas Bull

    Poor air quality is a big issue in Britain. It is linked to about 40,000 early deaths each year. The Government is working with the council to help improve our air. Sadly our Labour-led council have failed to move fast enough. They have not submitted plans on time. Also the Government says what they have now submitted is "not up to scratch".

  • Strong and Cable
    Article: Jan 9, 2018
    By Caron Lindsay in Liberal Democrat Voice

    It's the annual "Trash the Lib Dems" day in the national press with gloomy analyses in both the Times and the Guardian. When the papers do SWOT analyses of us, they do tend to omit the strengths and opportunities and focus on the weaknesses and threats. We can quite often do that about ourselves, too, and talk ourselves down. There is no doubt that we face some pretty intense challenges in 2018, but there are signs of a plan coming together to meet them and also that the political environment is changing.

  • AD Lib
    Article: Jan 9, 2018
    By Mark Pack Author, 101 Ways To Win An Election

    The Liberal Democrat party magazine for members (and anyone else who wanted to subscribe, a not exactly massive number), Ad Lib, is coming to an end as Jonathan Calder has covered.

    Ad Lib has covered some fun and some important stories over the years but never really established a large, committed audience either in its paid-for subscription form or in its free-to-all-members version.

  • Pet cat
    Article: Jan 9, 2018

    The Liberal Democrats have welcomed Michael Gove's announcement to increase sentences for animal welfare offences to up to five years, a policy taken from the Liberal Democrat manifesto, but warn that he should clamp down on illegal pet imports.

    In January this year, the government said there were no plans to extend maximum sentencing in response to parliamentary questions from the Liberal Democrats, instead offering the possibility of giving revised guidance to magistrates.

  • EV charge sign (Thanks go to Wouter.robers for the EV charge sation sign)
    Article: Jan 9, 2018
    By Chris Wrathall

    What is Ipswich Borough Council doing to reduce toxic vehicle emissions?

    The Council has stated in its 2017 Air Quality Status report that "The annual health cost to society of the impacts of particulate matter alone in the UK is estimated to be around £16 billion". The town has four Air Quality Management Areas, where there have been high levels of Nitrous Oxide, or NO2.

  • Article: Jan 9, 2018

    Birmingham's Liberal Democrat Council Group have put the following motion to the Council for debate on Tuesday 9 January.

    "This Council notes that:

    1) UK households were estimated to throw away 7 million tonnes of food each year in 2012
    2) The total cost of the food wasted in the UK is equivalent to 6 meals per household per week or £470 per year
    3) Food wasted in the UK has a major environmental impact. It takes 19,000km2 of land to grow and produces Green House Gas emissions equivalent to 17million tonnes of CO2, equivalent to those produced by 1 in 4 UK cars
    4) A two week survey in 2016 showed that food waste makes up 48% of the total waste collected in Birmingham
    5) Collecting food waste has been shown to reduce the amount of food wasted, bringing environmental and cost benefits
    6) A Parliamentary report into food waste in 2017 recommended that: "Local authorities must look at the opportunities to introduce separate food waste collections when new waste contracts are put in place.

  • Article: Jan 9, 2018
    By Marko Scepanovic; Chair of Crawley Liberal Democrats

    Previously in politics, if a politician in one of the great offices of state such as the foreign office, made a blunder on such a level that it led to imprisonment and degrading treatment of a UK national abroad, they would be forced to resign. In early November, Boris Johnson stated that the UK-Iranian national Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliff had been "teaching journalism" in Tehran, a statement which was false. She was in fact simply there on holiday. As a result of the blunder, officials in Iran heard about the comments and now Nazanin an additional five years in prison.

  • Alstom Coradia iLint
    Article: Jan 9, 2018

    To be fair there are several different approaches to making short-distance suburban rail services quieter, greener, less polluting and more efficient. Most involve batteries or fuel cells and relatively short routes. However, this is one which caught my eye recently.

    Last year the French engineering company Alstom presented a zero-emission, self-powered train at the annual InnoTrans trade fair in Berlin. It was a modified version of a service-proven, diesel-powered unit, the Coradia Lint 54, with hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen storage replacing the diesel engines.

  • Page: Jan 4, 2018


    A number of questions and issues with membership have arisen as a result of our new more active membership management processes. This page attempts to answer them. If you have any other questions, please email membership.

    1. Q: Why am I listed as an Associate? A: this happens when we don't have your liberal democrat membership number, or, in the future, the website link to the party membership database is telling us you are a non-member. If you have given different email addresses or postal addresses or name to us, the party or the website, this may cause an incorrect non-member status so we will be trying to make all three match.
    2. Q: How do I get my current GLD membership status? A: If you want an email giving your current status or a detailed rundown of the data we hold about you, just send us an email.
    3. Q:Can I change my payment method or amount? A: Certainly. While the best time to do this is on your renewal date, it can be done at any time. Email us to let us know, and just follow the instructions on the Join page, remembering to cancel your previous payment method.
    4. Q: Why have I been asked twice to update my details? A: We sent out an update form with Challenge to update our membership details and also to comply with a new law requiring explicit permission to store data (see below) and control contact permissions. However, many members had already been added to the website user list in an earlier attempt to synchronise the membership database with the list of interested people who had signed up on the website. As a result many people also received our xmas email which asked, as a courtesy, website users to update their details. This has caused some confusion for which we can only apologise.
    5. Q: Why is the Challenge opt out question so badly worded? A: Mea culpa. It is stored in the database as an opt-out, so I did it backwards without thinking. If you want to continue receiving Challenge, leave it as 'n'. If you want to be a member but not receive the printed version of Challenge (it is increasingly available online soon after publication), cross out the 'n' and write 'Opt out'. That will make it clear to us.
    6. Q: Why are communications permissions only for Optional communications? A: Simply, we can't run a membership organisation without communicating with our members, and we want to talk to you and have you talk to us! We are required to notify every member of AGMs and EGMs, and we need to tell you if your membership has been received or is up for renewal. We will use email for all this, but those few members who do not give us an email will need to be contacted by phone or post. This can get expensive, so we will be spending membership dues on admin instead of improving and promoting Libdem policies on the environment.
  • Elephant (http://meps4wildlife.eu/help-ban-eu-ivory-sales/)
    Article: Jan 3, 2018
    By Catherine Bearder MEP in GLD Challenge Magazine

    Think of Africa, and you think of elephants. But sadly, these glorious and magnificent animals are under serious threat from poaching.
    It is estimated that one elephant is killed every fifteen minutes by poachers who are part of a chain of criminal activity that makes immense profits from selling ivory tusks onto the global market. This illegal ivory is distributed all around the world with routes mirroring those of drugs, guns and trafficked people.

  • Document: Jan 3, 2018
    3.42 MiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Challenge 2017 Summer

    Challenge magazine 2017 Summer front cover from GLD (https://greenlibdems.org.uk/en/page/challenge-magazine)

    Summer 2017 Challenge front cover

  • Document: Jan 3, 2018
    4.11 MiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Challenge 2017 Winter

    Challenge December 2017 front cover (greenlibdems.org.uk)

    Winter 2017 Challenge front cover

  • Article: Jan 2, 2018

    If you walked all of Wiltshire's footpaths, bridleways and byways you'd have travelled 3,850 miles - equivalent to walking to Istanbul and back. In fact walking to Turkey might be easier because according to the Ramblers less than half of Wiltshire's network is easily passable. Some routes are blocked by barbed wire, many stiles and gates are in poor condition, and signposts have rotted away due to neglect.

  • Article: Jan 2, 2018
    By Steve Bolter

    New Year Vince Cable Video

    Steve Bolter's comments

    This video features a Team of young advisors trying to influence the recording of Vince's New Year Video.
    The environment is near the bottom of the Team's list and is not expanded on or reinforced.

    In the video within the video, Vince does not mention it in his bried reference to policies, but more important the enduring principles he puts forward do not include sustainability or principles from which it can simply be derived.

  • Plastic waste
    Article: Dec 14, 2017

    Liberal Democrat Councillors support enviromental protection measures

    We all need to make a conscious effort to change to stop the damage to the environment and all life on earth.

    • Single use plastic has crept into our lives.
    • Helium is a rare gas and needed for MRI scanners.
    • Chinese lanterns harm wildlife and farmer's livestock.
  • Challenge December 2017 front cover (greenlibdems.org.uk)
    Article: Dec 4, 2017

    Winter 2017 Challenge was posted to our members at Christmas 2017.

    • Catherine Bearder MEP on Ending the Ivory Trade
    • Bill Powell on Biochar
    • Felix Dodds on Young Liberals and the Green Guard 35 years later
    • Claire Maugham on Smart Energy Meters
    • Al Rodgers on CO2 emissions
    • Simon Oliver on restructuring GLD's finances
    • George Miles on Insulation
    • Rob Wheway on Obesity
    • Mariam Mahmood on Solar Roads
    • Letters, photographs and more!
  • Thomas Gravatt & Eleanor Bell
    Article: Dec 2, 2017
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    In letters to MPs Royston Smith and Alan Whitehead, Southampton Liberal Democrats have called for the protection of some of the city's most-loved natural sites to be maintained as the UK leaves the EU.

    Much of Southampton Water, parts of the River Itchen and Weston Shore are among areas protected by the EU's Habitats and Birds Directives. Yet with two key factors in the UK's environmental protection - the precautionary principle and the polluter pays principle - being omitted from the EU Withdrawal Bill, there are significant concerns that environmental protection could be threatened by Brexit.

    Parliamentary spokesperson for Southampton Test, Thomas Gravatt commented:

    "If safeguards for the environment are not guaranteed as we leave the EU then there are significant risks for many of the region's much-loved natural environments".

    His counterpart in Southampton Itchen, Eleanor Bell, emphasised:

    "It is vital for the future well-being of Southampton and its people that sites such as Weston Shore and the Itchen estuary are not threatened by Brexit. Their protection is our first priority".

  • Vince Cable (Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)
    Article: Nov 16, 2017
    By Joe Bourke in Liberal Democrat Voice

    In July of this year ALTER floated the idea of a Progressive Alliance round Land Value Taxation and put out a call for the formation of an All Party Parliamentary Group on Land Value Tax in advance of our fringe at Bournemouth on this theme.

    n a pre-budget speech in the City of London this week, Sir Vince Cable laid out Liberal Democrat proposals for tax reform including investigating the feasibility of Land Value Taxation (LVT).

  • Environment
    Article: Nov 16, 2017
    By Andy Boddington in Liberal Democrat Voice

    In the Sunday Telegraph, Michael Gove sets out his plans for an environmental watchdog post-Brexit. As education secretary under David Cameron, he was seen as a career hungry politician willing to risk quality education in a drive to create academies, open creationist schools and dictate what was taught in lessons. He was marginally better as Justice Secretary, but not much. Now, he is well on the road to becoming Britain's leading environmental champion.

  • Wind Turbines (By Barrow_Offshore_wind_turbines.jpg: Andy Dingley derivative work: Papa Lima Whiskey 2 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)
    Article: Nov 16, 2017
    By Steve Mason in Liberal Democrat Voice

    Confusion reigns in the corridors of power with contradiction at every turn on the UK's energy needs. Recent reports on the UK's future in clean energy and climate change have flagged the critical need to prioritise low-carbon energy generation and the climate change obligations that the UK must meet by 2030.

  • MEPs put pressure on Commission for immediate EU ivory ban (http://meps4wildlife.eu/meps-put-pressure-commission-immediate-eu-ivory-ban/)
    Article: Nov 13, 2017
    By Catherine Bearder MEP

    MEPs for Wildlife was established in February 2015 as a cross-party interest group at the European Parliament campaigning for the EU to step up the fight against wildlife crime.

    As a group we aim to raise awareness at a European level about the threat posed by wildlife crime, which is now the fourth-largest illegal trade in the world.

  • Two minutes silence for Armistice Day (Keith Melton)
    Article: Nov 12, 2017

    11 am on the 11th day of the 11th Month

    Armistice Day - Sout East Liberal Democrat`s

    Regional meeting

    GLD at the South East Region

  • The front cover of the Autumn 2010 Challenge Magazine (Green Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Nov 11, 2017
    By George Miles

    Dear Green Liberals,

    please send us articles, news, photos, ideas etc for our December Challenge Magazine which will be posted to all our members.

    Most articles should also be published on our website, and hence be indexed by google.


    The email address is challenge@greenlibdems.org.uk

  • Pat Marsh (Liberal Democrat Councillor for Harrogate,) (http://www.hftf.org.uk/blog/2017/10/31/hope-for-the-future-training-through-the-eyes-of-a-local-councillor#.WgRApmi0NGM=)
    Article: Nov 10, 2017

    Liberal Democrat Councillor for Harrogate, Pat Marsh

    In mid-October 2017, Hope for the Future delivered training to Zero Carbon Harrogate, a group dedicated to seeing their local area reducing its carbon footprint. Hope for the Future's co-founder and trustee, Jemima Parker is the Chair of this group and invited HFTF's Assistant Director, Sarah, to run a two hour session on how to contact MPs and local councillors about the issue of climate change. In the audience was a local Liberal Democrat Councillor for Harrogate, Pat Marsh. Pat was incredibly helpful to have there as she was able to offer her own perspective of how, as a local politician, she would like to be approached by local residents. Pat writes about how she found the session at:


  • Liberal Democrat Policy
    Article: Nov 10, 2017
    By Chris Bowers and Paul Pettinger in Liberal Democrat Voice

    One of the biggest hits the party took during the coalition years was not so much being associated with the Conservatives (though that was toxic enough) but losing so much of our identity. And if we want to have a future as a party, we have to get that identity back.

    Our coalition years slogan 'Stronger economy, fairer society' was fine up to a point, but it didn't provide us with much distinctiveness. Associated messaging that framed us as having more head than Labour and more heart than the Conservatives effectively defined us in relation to Labour and the Conservatives. It did not emphasis what we stood for and make clear what a vote for the Lib Dems meant. By the time of the 2015 seven-leaders TV debate, most people could have formulated in a few words what six of the seven parties stood for, but they might well have struggled with us.

  • wild fowl
    Article: Nov 10, 2017

    The council's proposed PSPO is going to make it an offence to feed the ducks and geese in Water Gardens.

    Why? Because the geese are trampling the grass verges. Are we alone in thinking this is absurd?

    We think it is important to preserve the wildlife and the waterways that create a beautiful oasis in the middle of our town centre . But we also believe that this is best done through education, signage and alternative feeds, instead of cautions, fines and prosecutions.

    Please join us in opposing this proposal which is being rushed through without proper consideration.

  • Article: Nov 10, 2017

    Scottish Liberal Democrat energy spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP has today warned that the Scottish Government must "turn up the heat" on efforts to promote renewable heating after new figures revealed that renewable heat generation decreased in 2016.

    In response to a parliamentary question, the Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy Paul Wheelhouse revealed that during the 2016 calendar year, just 4.8-5.0% of Scotland's non-electrical heat demand was supplied from renewable sources, despite heat making up around half of Scotland's energy usage. Moreover, renewable heat generation decreased by 11%, when compared with 2015.

  • Animal welfare
    Article: Nov 10, 2017

    Local MP Tim Farron has called on the government to commit to keeping animal welfare laws after Britain has left the EU.

    The South Lakes MP today met with representatives from Cumbrian eggs business 'Lakes Free Range' at an event in Parliament hosted by the RSPCA to discuss the impact of Brexit on farm animal welfare.

  • Article: Nov 10, 2017

    Scottish Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson Mariam Mahmood has today called on both of Scotland's government to commit to guaranteeing environmental protections will be at least as strong as current EU protections if the UK leaves the European Union, as a major environmental conference warned that Brexit could put the country's protected sites at risk.

  • Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils proposed merger
    Article: Nov 10, 2017

    Yesterday (7th November), the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Sajid Javid, made a statement in the House of Commons announcing that he is "minded to" implement the proposal to merge Suffolk Coastal and Waveney district councils into a single new district council -- the so-called "super district council", which would be (reportedly) the biggest district council in the country. His statement went as follows:

  • Wera Hobhouse (Chris McAndrew [CC BY 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons)
    Article: Nov 10, 2017

    • Local authorities in England recorded 1,002,154 cases of fly-tipping in 2016-17, up 7% on the previous year. This is equivalent to 114 every hour.

    • The estimated cost to the taxpayer for clearing up fly-tipping was £58 million, up 16% on the previous year

    • The number of prosecutions for fly-tipping fell by a quarter to 1,602, compared to 2,135 the previous year

  • GLD stand Yorks and Humberside
    Article: Nov 7, 2017
    By Keith Melton

    Yorkshire and Humberside Regional meeting November 4th 2017

    We took the GLD stand to the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional meeting on

    4th November 2017 and had plenty of interest in the work of the Green Liberal

    Democrats as well as meeting several delegates who were already GLD members.

    We were also successful in having the GLD rainforest resolution chosen for debate here. There was only space for two debates and our resolution was chosen from a field of 14 submitted for discussion. The wording of the resolution is appended below - it is a work in progress, so if you would like to submit it for your own region do please get in touch as we shall probably update it further yet, hoping to submit something along these lines to the Liberal Democrat Spring Conference. The resolution as worded was proposed by Matt Walker and seconded by Mark McDermid. Matt was the Lib Dem candidate for Keighley and Ilkley at the last election and Mark is a Lib Dem newbie and now an enthusiastic GLD member.

  • Article: Nov 4, 2017

    Birmingham City Council Approves £13.4m Pilot Scheme for 20 hydrogen-fueled buses

    From FuelCellsWorks, October 27, 2017

    Bimingham--Birmingham City Council has approved a pilot scheme which will see at least 20 new cleaner, zero emission hydrogen-fuelled buses take to Birmingham's roads.

    The scheme aims to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels on key bus routes which in turn will support the council in its work to reduce air pollution and become compliant with air quality legislation.

    A report due to go before Cabinet on October 24 asks members to approve the full business case for the pilot, as well as giving the go-ahead to find a bus operator via an open tender process and using the Transport for London Hydrogen Bus Framework to purchase the proposed vehicles, which will be delivered by March 2019.

    Funding for the £13.4 million pilot includes grant contributions from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCHJU), the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) Local Growth Fund and approved Future Council Programme resources.

    The pilot is designed to test the potential of developing a hydrogen market to encourage the take-up of zero emission transport fuels, with the buses set to be the first hydrogen vehicles in the city. The buses will be fuelled by hydrogen produced at Tyseley Energy Park, which will continue to be developed as the first UK low/zero-emission refuelling hub for commercial and public sector vehicles, ranging from buses and bin wagons to vans and taxis. Tyseley Energy Park will become operational by September 2018, with the new hydrogen buses being re-fuelled there from March 2019.

    Councillor Stewart Stacey, Cabinet Member for Transport and Roads, said: "Public transport plays a key role in encouraging people to leave their cars at home and choose alternative methods of travelling around the city, which in turn will help reduce both congestion on our roads and the impact of vehicle emissions on the environment.

    "It therefore follows that we must look at ways to make public transport more environmentally friendly too, which is why this hydrogen bus pilot is so important. If successful, this could completely change bus travel in a way that will benefit the entire city."

    Councillor Lisa Trickett, Cabinet Member for Air Quality, said: "Air pollution is a major public health issuing affecting us all. We are clear that every single person in Birmingham has the right to clean air.

    "While we recognise that we face a significant challenge in meeting air quality compliance standards in the city, the introduction of hydrogen fuelled buses as part of this pilot is a hugely positive step forward in supporting the work we are doing towards achieving that."

    Council Decision Below

    On 24 October 2017, Cabinet:- (i) Approved the Full Business Case at Appendix A to the report, for the CAHB pilot at an estimated capital cost of up to £13.440m, funded from OLEV grant (£3.814m), FCHJU grant (£4.141m) GBSLEP Local Growth Fund (£2.156m), Bus Operator minimum contribution (£3.289m) and approved Future Council Programme resources of £0.040m, to procure and deploy up to 22 hydrogen fuelled buses for use by a procured Bus Operator and to provide grant aid towards the cost of providing hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. (ii) Approved the procurement strategy provided in the FBC to the report (Annex A to the report), that proposes firstly to use an 'open tender' approach to procure a Bus Operator and secondly, to utilise the Transport For London (TfL) Hydrogen Bus framework to purchase the proposed hydrogen buses; (iii) Approved the Council acting as Accountable Body for the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) grant and accepts their offer of £3.814m capital grant; (iv) Authorised the Assistant Director - Transport and Connectivity to pass-port with conditions of grant, £1.340m of the OLEV grant funding to TfL, as joint applicant under the OLEV Grant scheme, to enable them to fund their own procurement of hydrogen buses; (v) Authorised the Assistant Director - Transport and Connectivity to make a grant of £1.0m to ITM Power, the hydrogen re-fuelling infrastructure partner, funded from the OLEV capital grant towards the cost for hydrogen re-fuelling infrastructure to be based at Tyseley Energy Park subject to the completion of a funding agreement; (vi) Accepted grant funding of £4.141m from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Joint Undertaking (FCHJU) comprising £4.081m for capital and £0.060m for revenue expenditure; (vii) Approved the Council to act as Accountable Body for Local Growth Fund grant from the Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP) and accepts their offer of £2.156m capital grant, subject to receipt of a final offer letter; (viii) Authorised the Corporate Director, Economy, in conjunction with the Interim Chief Finance Officer, the Director of Commissioning and Procurement and the City Solicitor (or their delegates) to award a contract for the manufacture and delivery of up to 22 hydrogen buses subject to the values not exceeding pre-tender estimates; (ix) Authorised the Corporate Director, Economy, in conjunction with the Interim Chief Finance Officer, the Director of Commissioning and Procurement and the City Solicitor (or their delegates) to enter into a lease agreement for the use of the 22 hydrogen fuelled buses for a period of 7 years on the basis of the procurement process outlined in Annex A to the report; (x) Authorised the City Solicitor to negotiate, execute and complete any necessary legal documentation to give effect to the above decisions.

  • Article: Nov 3, 2017

    Sorry, spelling mistake in title, please click

    More Hydrogen Buses

  • GLD stall East Midlands Region
    Article: Nov 1, 2017
    By Keith Melton

    Hi Folks,

    This is just a short report about our recent attendance at the East Midlands Regional Conference with a Green Lib Dem Stand. We had hoped it would be associated with a resolution on Rainforest issues but the resolution was not selected for debate, so nothing immediate to report there, but we will be submitting it to other regional conferences, so watch this space!

  • Windfarm
    Article: Oct 30, 2017

    ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) is currently building an offshore windfarm off the Suffolk coast, with 102 turbines. They have already received development consent for a second windfarm nearby, which will add a further 172 turbines. As a guide to the physical scale of these projects, the 172 turbines in that second development alone will cover an area of 305 square kilometres (or 118 square miles).

  • Article: Oct 30, 2017

    The government must take urgent action following a UN report warning that CO2 emissions have reached a record high.

    As Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, I played a key role in international attempts to tackle climate change.

    Ministers should use the Budget to announce the go-ahead of tidal lagoons and reverse their opposition to onshore wind farms.

  • Brown Bin Tax #Fail
    Article: Oct 30, 2017

    Councillors were shocked to learn that the recycling rate in Welwyn Hatfield has dropped from 54% last year to 46% this year.

    Even worse, the target the council sets itself has dropped even further - from 53% to 42%.

    Asked why, the council replied: "The brown bin tax".

    Helen Quenet, LibDem councillor, says "This is truly shocking, but all so predictable. When the Brown Bin Tax was being discussed last year, I said it was common sense that not allowing food waste in the brown bins would reduce recycling levels, not just because of food not being included but also because of plastics/containers not being recycled.