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Green Liberal Democrats: Recent News Articles

  • Article: May 17, 2018
    By Simon Oliver

    Two announcements today throw into sharp relief the detachment from reality currently being suffered by the Tory government.

    In one, it has been announced that the UK is among a group of EU countries being prosecuted by the EU for air pollution violations. This could lead to significant fines, which will no doubt be used by Brexit fanatics as a justification for leaving. After all, they are our children, so we can gas them if we want to!!!!

  • Green Lib Dems on Climate Change March 2015 (Steve.Bolter@greenlibdems.org.uk)
    Article: May 17, 2018

    Vince Cable talks of his green awakening in the 70's and whilst writing the United Nations' Brundtland Report in the 1980's

    (Vince will be speaking at the GreenLibDems conference in Nottingham on Saturday 19th May)

    Filmed at the Green Lib Dems 30th Birthday Fringe at the Southport Libdem Conference , 10th March 2018.

  • Charging POint
    Article: May 17, 2018

    Kent Liberal Democrats are calling for electric car charging points to be included in all future parking development to speed up the county's conversion to electric vehicles.

    At full council meeting on Thursday, May 17, Antony Hook, Liberal Democrats spokesperson for economic development, will propose that KCC adopts a raft of measures to make it easier for Kent residents and businesses to switch to electric vehicles.

  • Article: May 16, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    We know from various contacts that there are members out there who would really have liked ot come to the Green Liberal Democrat conference on Saturday but for various reason cannot get to Nottingham to participate in the debates. We are therefore delighted to be able to tell you that you can at least eavesdrop on two of the most important sessions of the day, LIVE, on your internet devices, whether they be PCs, laptops or even mobiles.

  • cpage
    Article: May 16, 2018

    Caroline Page Lib Dem County Councillor for Woodbridge elected as Deputy Leader of the Group

    The Liberal Democrat, Green and Independent Group on Suffolk County Council have elected a new leadership team. The new Leader is Andrew Stringer (Green) and the Deputy Leader is Caroline Page (Liberal Democrat). Caroline is the Group spokesperson for women and a champion for gender balance in politics.

  • Earth Day stall
    Article: May 15, 2018
    By Josie Ratcliffe

    Members of West Norfolk Liberal Democrats recently ran a stall at the 'Earth Day' event at St Nicholas' Chapel in King's Lynn.

    We promoted the Lib Dems' "Five Green Laws" manifesto commitments as well as initiatives such as our successful 5p plastic bag charge and current proposal for a 5p coffee cup charge.

  • Richmond
    Article: May 14, 2018
    By Chris Bowers in Liberal Democrat Voice

    Buried amid the dramatic and highly welcome headline of the Liberal Democrat landslide on Richmond-upon-Thames Council was a rather overlooked factor –that, when progressive alliances are done properly and sensitively, they can work and be a great asset to the party.

    In 2014 the Conservatives won thirty-nine of Richmond’'s fifty-four councillors. This time we won thirty-nine but, while we picked up the other fifteen councillors four years ago, this time the Tories only got eleven, with the other four going to the Greens. And those four Greens are in part a Liberal Democrat success.

  • Rural Future Policy Paper 129
    Article: May 14, 2018
    Even though 70% of Britain's land is given over to farming, rural communities are often ignored by politicians which is why we were delighted to see the Lib Dems approve a policy on Rural Communities at our national Spring Conference recently.
    Whilst there is much to discuss about the impact of Brexit on farming - for example, up to 90% of farms will go bankrupt if "single farm payments" are removed - rural Britain is about much more than this.
  • Jeremy Hilton
    Article: May 14, 2018

    Tackling air pollution in Gloucestershire from vehicle emissions is set to be an important priority for Gloucestershire County Council. Today the report of the air pollution task group, chaired by Cllr. Jeremy Hilton (Lib Dem Kingsholm & Wotton), is published.

    According to Public Health England, poor air quality is the largest environmental risk to public health in the UK, and the Royal College of Physicians has estimated that poor air quality is responsible for 40,000 premature deaths in the UK annually.

  • Article: May 14, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    We have sent out this major press release today to a wide range of regional and national media, but it may not have reached YOUR area. Please feel free to share this with your own media outlets. The Green Liberal Democrat conference to celebrate 30 years of greening Liberal Democracy is, for us anyway, an important event and we would like to ensure it gets the widest possible hearing. the press release has my contact details, but feel free to add your own if using your own local media. Come to the conference yourself if you can! register here >>>> https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gld-2018-conference-tickets-43271323694

  • Vince Cable
    Article: May 12, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    Vince Cable

    The programme for the 30th birthday Conference of the Green Liberal Democrats is looking good folks. This last few days has seen the confirmation of our STAR speakers, so Sir Vince Cable MP will be coming along to speak. Vince was one of the co-authors of the Brundtland Commission report back in 1987 which introduced us to the concept of Sustainable development, thus taking the heat out of the growth/no growth debate which had been raging up to then. Perhaps we can anticiapate an up-to-date review of the current status of "Sustainable Development" in 2018 from vince, who is an Honorary Professor of Economics at Nottingham University, the venue for our conference.

  • Article: May 8, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    The short video here is a brief interview with one of the speakers coming to the Green Liberal Democrat conference on Saturday 19th May.

    Click this link for the video >>>> https://youtu.be/93fhHpn3VYs

    Penney Poyzer will be speaking about food poverty and some of the solutions she and her colleagues have put in place in the City of Nottingham. Research has shown that we could provide up to 10% of our food requirements by growing stuff in our cities and towns, but that requires a completely different mind-set for politicians to recognise the possibilities and develop the political will to convert public spaces to achieve anything like this potential.

  • Article: May 8, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    CALLING ALL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS within 20 miles of Nottingham University`s Jubilee Campus...

    We are making available 20 Half-Price tickets for local members for the Green Liberal Democrat 30th Birthday Conference to be held on the Jubilee Campus of Nottingham University on the 19th May, just under two weeks time.

  • Article: May 4, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    CONGRATULATIONS New Councillors!

    Well done to those of you who have made the breakthrough. Some of you may have been councillors already and regained a seat, but some of you will be first time councillors and we have designed something especially for you to make your mark on Environmental issues. We have a training event on introducing GREEN issues into your locality. It is part of our 30th Birthday Bash for the Green Liberal Democrats which was formed in Nottingham back in 1988 when the Liberal Party merged with the SDP to form the Liberal Democrats.

  • Libraries play a key part in the community
    Article: Apr 25, 2018
    By Mark Watkin

    At today's meeting of the Education, Libraries and Localism Cabinet Panel. The Liberal Democrat team voted against the County's plans to outsource their much loved and highly popular Library Service while the Labour Group leader abstained. In spite of this, the Conservative led Panel agreed to the County developing a detailed business case before finally deciding whether to go ahead with the scheme.

  • Palace of Westminster.
    Article: Apr 24, 2018

    The Government has tonight been defeated in the House of Lords on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

    An amendment on the customs union supported by the Liberal Democrats, Crossbenchers, Labour, and Conservative peers has passed by 348 votes to 225.

    The defeat forces the government to lay a report before Parliament outlining the steps taken to negotiate a customs union as part of the framework for a future UK-EU relationship, and prevents the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 until these steps have been taken.

    This is a hugely significant moment, the House of Lords has come together to show the government that remaining in a customs union is key to the UK's future prosperity.

    Securing this win on a cross-party basis rams home how out of touch the government have been on this issue and that they drastically need to change tack from the destructive hard Brexit they are pursuing.

  • Palace of Westminster.
    Article: Apr 24, 2018

    Empowering and thought-provoking, this intensive training weekend for aspiring female MPs will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to run as a successful candidate.

    Many current and former female Lib Dem MPs started their journeys at an FWMP event and you could be next!

    The invaluable opportunities, skills and advice you will gain include:

  • Document: Apr 24, 2018
    366.48 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Policy areas for campaigning that should be picked out in any manifesto (national or local) which contribute to particular needs/ improvement at any time, or used to inspire local campaigns :

  • Article: Apr 14, 2018
    By Keith Melton


    YOU may have the opportunity to gain one of ten FREE places at the Green Liberal Democrat conference in May. And the good news is that we have extended the deadline for entry into the competition. The deadline for entering WAS going to be Noon on Friday 20th April, but we have extended the deadline to Noon on Monday 30th April - so you have ten extra days to get that short essay written.

  • Article: Apr 9, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    Take advantage of this promotion

    In order to reduce the stresses of making sure I am at the conference venue promptly on the morning of 19th May I just decided to book myself into the De Vere Hotel on the Jubilee Campus for the night of Friday 18th May. Early breakfast, two minute walk to the conference venue along the lakeside walkway, Hey Presto, I am onsite. I do not have to worry about last minute traffic jams in Nottingham, even though I only live near Newark, less than an hour away on a good day.

  • green recycle bin
    Article: Apr 9, 2018


    From July the Conservative-run Council will charge you £50 to have your Green Bin emptied.

    The Liberal Democrats do not accept the Green bin tax. As the only Opposition Party at West Berkshire we have led the fight and voted against it being introduced.

    Not only have the Conservative run council hit us with a near 6% percent rise in Council Tax, but now we are being charged another £50 on top to have our green bins emptied.

  • Vince Cable at 2018 Spring Conference
    Article: Apr 8, 2018
    By Gordon Lishman in Liberal Democrat Voice

    In the years before the 2008 crash, Vince Cable built a reputation for seeing further ahead than most in politics and economics. Vince's essay in the new Social Liberal Forum book "Four Go in Search of Big Ideas" enhances this record.

    Writing before recent revelations about Cambridge Analytica, he identified: "the heart of the worries growing deeper about the data giants: that by filtering the information we receive they can influence not just the goods and services we consume but how we vote and, indeed, what we think".

  • Garden waste
    Article: Apr 8, 2018

    The Liberal Democrats in Newcastle have welcomed the announcement today on the extension of the garden waste contracts for 2017/18. Here's today's announcement from the City Council :

    Garden Waste - Missed Collections

    "Due to the recent extreme weather conditions, a number of households missed one or two of their planned garden waste collections. To put this right we are extending the 2017/18 garden waste year by 3 weeks, from 22nd May to 8th June so that valued customers receive all 20 collections. This means that the new 2018/19 garden waste service will commence on 12thJune 2018. We will be sending information out about this soon. Thank you for your support."

  • Balloon in flight (Keith Melton)
    Article: Apr 7, 2018
    By Keith Melton


    One of the key tenets of a real democracy, a LIBERAL democracy, is that people should always participate. This is certainly no less the case in a GREEN Liberal Democracy. For those of you who have seen the draft programme, you will already know that we have gained the participation of a number of excellent speakers who will, no doubt, raise interesting points we might not have thought about in depth before, or make us think about things from a different perspective than we might have done before.

  • beach clean
    Article: Apr 7, 2018

    Stephen Lloyd MP and the Eastbourne and Willingdon Lib Dems joined volunteers from across the town over the weekend to help keep Eastbourne's beaches clean at the Big Spring Beach Clean.

  • Buses
    Article: Apr 7, 2018

    Arriva admits it has taken 10 hybrid buses out of the North East to be used in Leeds (to avoid £100 fines??) instead but insists it has replaced them with other low-polluting models - but only Euro level 5 rather than level 6 like Sapphire buses running on some of our roads. Full story here https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/arriva-deny-north-east-air-14456535

  • EMA Building London (Chemical World)
    Article: Apr 6, 2018

    The European Medicines Agency (EMA), which approves and registers medicines and medical appliances for use and sale within the EU was originally located in London in recognition of the UK's strong position and world-wide reputation in the testing, approval, assessment and regulation of medicines. The EMA is somewhat different in structure and accountability to most other regulators. It functions as a decentralised scientific agency of the EU with its main responsibility as the protection and promotion of public and animal health within the EU, EFTA and the EEA, through the evaluation and supervision of medicines for human and veterinary use. Its operation is overseen by a management board consisting of a representative from each member state, two each from the European Commission, the Parliament and patients organisations, and one each representating doctors' and veterinarians' organisations.

    However, once the Article 50 letter had been delivered by the the Conservative minority government, it was necessary to take immediate steps to protect the availability of new medicines and medical appliances within the EU. In order to ensure continuity the EMA will have to leave London before March 30th, 2019. It needs to move into temporary accommodation in the Sparkgebouw located in Sloterdijk just to the north west of Amsterdam city centre by the same date.

  • Article: Apr 6, 2018
    By Trevor Carbin

    Generations of children have benefited from the two outdoor establishments in the county - Oxenwood near Marlborough and Braeside in Devizes. Now despite the huge potential of the centres Wiltshire Conservatives have decided to shut them both.

    Their justification is that the buildings would require some capital expenditure to keep them going.

  • Article: Apr 6, 2018
    By Stephen Lloyd

    I had my meeting this week with Therese Coffey MP, the DEFRA department Minister responsible for examining the emergency service's reactions to the mysterious noxious haze which appeared over Birling Gap, across parts of Eastbourne as far down as Pevensey Bay in August last year.

    I've been pressing the government to provide more details about the possible sources and nature of the gas cloud, as well as seeking reassurances that were it to happen again the emergency services would be better able to both assist affected members of the public as well as store the gas securely so that its identity can be confirmed.

  • Document: Apr 5, 2018
  • Article: Apr 5, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    Do you want to CHANGE THE WORLD? - for FREE!!

    Now is the hour!! Deadline 20th APRIL - see below

    You may have seen this before, but you let it fall to the back of your mind....?

    But you have an opportunity, if you are a Young Liberal Democrat, under 25 on the 19th May 2018, to win one of TEN (10) FREE places at the Green Liberal Democrats` 30th Birthday Conference.

  • Plastic Bags
    Article: Apr 5, 2018
    By Peter Scorer

    The Liberal Party and later the Lib Dems, have always championed the environment, unlike the other major parties, who lay claim to be recent converts but whose policies do not reflect their words. Join us in our campaign to stop the planet from drowning in plastic!
    The amount of plastic we use and then dump has been in the news lately. It has been revealed that many types of plastic and other materials that are laminated, cannot be re-cycled and end up in landfill, or worse, in the oceans.
    Supermarket packaging is a major source but many everyday products have changed over to plastic in recent years. Newspaper supplements and magazines through the post are usually wrapped in plastic (even the National Trust's, which should know better!). Pet food now comes in sachets rather than recyclable cans. Cereals come in plastic inside the cardboard box instead of paper. Notably, Weetabix has returned to paper after a spell using plastic. Tetra Packs (which orange juice comes in) aren't recyclable locally. The list goes on.
    The imposition of a 5p charge on plastic "one use" shopping bags has led to a brilliant 80% reduction in their use. However even buying loose vegetables and fruit in a supermarket leads to putting it in plastic bags to weigh them.
    Shopping locally can certainly reduce the amount of plastic we use. Use the local milkman - you can still get milk in glass bottles which are washed and re-used rather than in throw away plastic bottles. We need to apply pressure to local and national retailers to reduce the plastic in our packaging. Or at least use plastic we can re-cycle .

  • Article: Apr 5, 2018

    Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has used today's debate on reform of local taxation to lambast the Government's approach and call for a land value tax to replace the "unfair and regressive" council tax.

    Speaking after the debate, Mr Rennie said:

    "Alex Salmond called the council tax unfair and insisted he would scrap it. Then he didn't.

  • New Polar Network Chargers (Picture by Chargemaster)
    Article: Apr 5, 2018

    Over one million charges per year on the public POLAR EV charging network - and around 11 million annual charges on Chargemaster home and workplace units - by 2020.

    Chargemaster predicts there will be over 500,000 electric cars on UK roads by 2020 and to meet the challenge their POLAR network is to have around 25,000 charging points across the UK by the end of the next three years.
  • Article: Mar 30, 2018

    Government suffers a double defeat over plans to put in place a domestic nuclear safeguards regime after leaving the European Union.

    Tory administration accused of "playing Russian roulette" with the UK's energy security by quitting Euratom.

    During report stage of the Nuclear Safeguards Bill in the House of Lords, peers backed by 265 votes to 194, majority 71, a call to delay Britain leaving Euratom if no alternative agreements were in place in the run-up to Brexit day.
    The government was dealt a second blow over the reporting of future arrangements with the watchdog on nuclear research and development, as well as the import and export of qualifying nuclear material.
    The opposition amendment, which had Liberal Democrat and crossbench support, was approved by 244 votes to 194, majority 50.
    A series of peers raised concerns over leaving Euratom without having other arrangements in place.
    Energy minister Lord Henley said the triggering of the formal proceedings for quitting the EU also started the process for leaving Euratom and insisted it was a "done deal".
    He insisted the government was "on track" to secure agreements with Britain's nuclear partners post-Brexit.
    But independent crossbencher Lord Broers, former vice chancellor of the University of Cambridge and president of the Royal Academy of Engineering, argued the need "to give us the confidence that these agreements are complete and appropriate and will maintain the highest standards in safeguarding our nuclear power". He said: "Of all the world's complex technologies, nuclear power is surely one where we must maintain collaboration with our partners, especially those in Europe."
    Lord Warner, who sits as an independent crossbencher, said: "The issue is the way that the government has been playing Russian roulette with our energy security by the ill-considered and ideological rush to leave Euratom without being sure an equivalent regime is properly in place."

  • Nick Clegg
    Article: Mar 30, 2018
    By Nick Clegg

    This week, on a visit to Dublin with Michael Heseltine and Andrew Adonis, I found myself in the Irish Department of Finance. Black and white photographs of former ministers line the walls.

    Among them is Michael Collins, who led a bloody insurgency against British rule and ultimately negotiated a treaty, in 1921, which led to near-independence for most of Ireland, but also the partitioning of the mostly unionist north east, which became Northern Ireland and remained in the UK.

  • Henry Vlll
    Article: Mar 29, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    I am sure you all know by now that the GLD Spring Conference to celebrate 30 years of GLD activity and look forward to the NEXT 30 years will take place in Nottingham on 19th May, exactly 482 years after Henry Vlll chopped off Anne Boleyn`s head. Register for the conference here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gld-2018-conference-tickets-43271323694

  • Tim Farron at the Penrith Auction Mart
    Article: Mar 29, 2018

    South Lakes MP Tim Farron has blasted the Government's new long-term plan for farming in the UK, for failing to contain any serious mention of food - the industry's main product.

    The Government's green paper, entitled 'Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit', sets out the Government's long-term plan for the agriculture sector.

  • Adrian Ford on his bike in Portswood
    Article: Mar 29, 2018
    By Southampton Liberal Democrats

    Adrian Ford, Portswood campaigner and Transport Spokesperson for Southampton Liberal Democrats, comments on the Liberal Democrat 'Alternative Budget', presented to Southampton City Council in February, in which we pledge to spend an extra three quarters of a million pounds on improving and extending the city's network of cycleways:

    "I have personally committed in the past to securing more investment for Southampton's cycle network, and we've been able to fulfill that promise with our 'People's Budget'."

    "By accelerating savings and cancelling a vanity IT project, Southampton Liberal Democrats were able to find additional funds to spend on things that will have a clear beneficial impact on the citizens of Southampton, including our cycle network."

    "Cycling is an excellent form of exercise, a wonderful hobby, and has the bonus effect of reducing the amount of vehicle journeys, and therefore harmful emmissions, when people cycle instead of using their car."

    "I'm proud that my party are working hard to support cycling initiatives in Southampton."

  • Document: Mar 28, 2018