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  • Document: Sep 15, 2017
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  • Tom Brake MP
    Article: Sep 14, 2017

    Early day motion 295

    That this House notes the Government's plans to tackle Britain's air pollution crisis and improve air quality; further notes that reduced duty red diesel for certain uses costs HM Treasury £2.4 billion annually; believes that subsidising red diesel also inhibits the Government's plans to support the take-up of cleaner technologies and tackle air pollution effectively; notes that clean and affordable alternative fuels are available for some uses of red diesel, such as in transport refrigeration units; notes that if the UK's 84,000 transport refrigeration units became zero emission it would equate to taking 4 million Euro 6 diesel cars off the UK's roads; welcomes HM Treasury's red diesel consultation that was announced in the Spring Budget 2017 and closed in in June 2017; and calls on the Government to act and end red diesel subsidies for transport refrigeration units.

  • Paddy Ashdown
    Article: Sep 14, 2017
    By Paddy Ashdown in Liberal Democrat Voice

    So, here, as promised are four dangerous ideas for the future. Please be clear. I am not necessarily proposing these. Just asking why we are not even discussing them?

    Dangerous idea 1

    We are guiltily obsessed with student fees. The fact that we don't need to be, because the principle is right, does not make life easier (how I wish we had called them a Graduate tax!). But now with the student loan debt rising, do we not also have to consider how we get better value for what students pay? If we have a tertiary education system which cannot be paid for without loading more and more debt on our young, should we not be looking at the system, not just at how they pay? We persist in the medieval practice of taking students to medieval ivy covered buildings, to receive their education in the medieval manner from minds, too many of which, when it comes to delivering education, are stuck in the middle ages. Yet distance learning was pioneered in Britain at the Open University when communicating with your tutor meant stuffing your academic paper in an envelope, licking it, sticking a stamp on it and putting it in the local post-box. Today the whole planet is into distance learning. Many of our own Universities make tons of money providing distance learning degree courses to students all over the world. But none of them are in Britain! If we were to convert at least part of our tertiary education syllabus to distance learning we might reduce the cost of degrees without diminishing their quality, give students more flexibility, force lecturers into the modern age, widen access and create a superb platform for adult education all at the same time. Why, beloved Lib Dems, do we allow medieval vested interests to preserve our ivy covered tertiary education system exactly as it is, loading more and more debt on students and preventing us from doing what much of the rest of the world is doing already? Just asking.

  • Article: Sep 13, 2017
    By Nigel Orchard in GLD Challenge Magazine (Summer 2017)

    Gordon Brown's government announced the smart meter implementation program (SMIP) in 2006 - every home will have one by 2020, the biggest infrastructure change since natural gas in 1974. Eleven years later we have not seen much progress. True about 25% are installed, but these are only compatible with a single energy supplier. When you change, the meter becomes dumb and needs to be replaced. At £250 a pop, and 10% churn, that's a cost of £25 per household per annum, greater than the £18 savings from being "in control". Not very smart according to recent papers by the Institute of Directors (IoD), Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and several BBC broadcasts.

  • GISTEMP anomaly (GreenLibDems.org.uk)
    Article: Sep 13, 2017
    By Richard Joy in Challenge Magazine (Summerer 2017)

    Now, I don't want to launch into a political rant but it often appears that politicians are only concerned with winning the popular support of the electorate. They avoid confronting the difficult issues and students of BBC sitcoms know that the words most likely to strike fear into the heart of Jim Hacker MP, were: " … a very brave decision minister."

  • Document: Sep 13, 2017
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    Constitution Proposed Changes for September 2017 GLD AGM

  • Document: Sep 13, 2017
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  • Document: Sep 13, 2017
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  • Document: Sep 13, 2017
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  • Document: Sep 13, 2017
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    Agenda for September 2017 GLD AGM


  • George Miles, Lorraine Chatwin and Nick Clegg (dicegeorge.com)
    Article: Sep 13, 2017
    By George Miles in GLD Challenge Magazine (Summer 2017)

    Am I a Green Liberal or a Liberal Green?
    Sorry, the snap general election this Spring 2017 caught me by suprise, I didnt do as much as I should have, I'd just stripped a critical section of slates off my roof, and had a cold. I delivered leaflets locally in Herefordshire, but the Greens refused to stand down in Hereford South, and the Libdems to stand down in Hereford North. All four candidates were good liberal pro-european women who would have made better MPs than the two Tory Etonian who got in. Maybe Theresa May knew that there were talks of Progressive Alliances to counter the unfair electoral system and so called the election early.

    But every time a Libdem says 'we are the only party who oppose brexit' or 'the only party who support voting reform', or 'the only party who decide our polices by one member one vote' etc it pisses me off because the Green Party also do these things. And it must also piss off all Green party members, belittling them, and makes them think all Libdems are liars, and makes cross party progressive alliance less likely. As when Labour belittle the Libdems. The Libdems and the Greens have so much in common. Yes I wish the founders of the Ecology party had instead joined the Liberals, we have so much in common, but they didn't.
    Their constitution begins:

    "In these principles we assert the interdependence of all life, and the role of the Green movement in establishing appropriate relationships in this web of interdependence. While respecting the human person, we recognise and celebrate our interdependence with other species. We oppose the destructive processes which are destroying our planet. We favour a balanced and sustainable system of production and utilisation of resources, keeping account of real costs. The task before us is to transform the vision of continued viable life on earth into reality."

    But environmentalism is not just an issue for one party - if we leave it until the Greens get a majority at Westminster then the planet will be burnt.

    Some of my friends from the Young Liberals are now in the Green party, as are many of my friends from Reclaim the Streets and the Stonehenge Campaign. My heart is with the Greens, my head with the Libdems.

    The tribalism where Libdems delight in knocking Greens to third place, and vice versa, is not for me.

    All parties are a compromise - I doubt if there's even one Libdem who truly supports every word of every policy voted on by conference, or formulated by our MPs, Peers and MEP. We don't expect to, nor do we expect to agree with every idea of our 'Leader', or for him (or her) to agree with every policy of conference. It must be possible for a LibDem leader to be a Christian, or a Muslim, or an Atheist, please!

    But generally I agree with the attitude and direction of the Libdem party, so I'll stay.

    The preamble to the Libdem constitution begins:

    "The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, we acknowledge and respect their right to freedom of conscience and their right to develop their talents to the full. We aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity. We believe that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives."

    I agree with that, and with the Greens' principles.

    George Miles (GLD Exec ordinary member)

    (Note: this was published in the Summer 2017 GLD Challenge magazine, with one typing mistake, 'leomisnter South' instead of North )

  • Article: Sep 12, 2017

    The Lake District National Park Authority have slammed the Government's decision to cancel the proposed electrification of the lakes line.

    In a letter written to the Transport Secretary, the National Park said they were "disappointed" by the decision, and expressed their support for the electrification of the Lakes Line saying it would make "a significant and positive contribution to supporting the regional economy and enabling low carbon sustainable transport".

  • Article: Sep 8, 2017

    draft for agm 2017 docs

  • Article: Sep 1, 2017

    Writing in the Yorkshire Post, Chris Grayling said: "the success of Northern transport depends on the North itself."

    It comes after the government dropped pledges to electrify rail routes in Wales, the Midlands and the North, while supporting the £30 billion Crossrail 2 scheme for London.

    This is a betrayal of the North and all the areas across the country being neglected under this Conservative government.

    The government is trying to dodge responsibility after breaking its promises to upgrade regional rail links.

    Chris Grayling may be a South East MP but as Transport Secretary he has a responsibility to look beyond the capital.

    The rest of the country deserves better. The government needs to act now to stop the 'Northern Powerhouse' becoming a byword for failure.

  • Cllrs Lucy Care, Eric Ashburner and Mike Carr with Nigel Staunton (centre) and Mandy Packham of Friends of Littleover Parks with a copy of the council report releasing the funding.
    Article: Sep 1, 2017

    The Labour Council Cabinet have finally agreed to release over £300,000 for improvements to parks in an area within a mile of Heatherton. This was part of the 'planning gain' or 'Section 106' contribution from Heatherton developers to improve outdoor leisure in the area. Over £50,000 is also available for Heatherton Community Centre.

  • Document: Aug 12, 2017
    375.21 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document


    Invitation to AGM on 17th September 2017

    Invitation to Nominate for Officer Posts and the Executive

    Invitation to Apply for Postal Vote.

    NOTE CLOSING DATE for nominations is the 27th of August, but please reply as soon as posible.

    Those using the post are asked to try to send forms to arrive by the 24th so that they an be processed BEFORE the Bank Holiday Weekend.

  • Document: Aug 12, 2017
    56 KiB text or word processing document
  • Document: Aug 12, 2017
  • Charging Car in Canal Fields Berkhamsted
    Article: Aug 8, 2017

    Tring's Hertfordshire County Councillor, Nick Hollinghurst, remains very pleased with electric motoring and very satisfied with the performance of his 30 kWh Nissan Leaf.

    He says,
    "At an effective on-the-road purchase price of just under £21,000 for a 5-door hatchback I realise that I've made an expensive purchase - but after that you get clean pollution-free driving at around 3 pence a mile. The annual servicing is onloy a few hours work, comes in at just over £100 and includes a full valeting."

  • Vince Cable
    Article: Aug 8, 2017
    In Liberal Democrat Newswire

    Placing Vince Cable on the left-right political spectrum never quite works because he combines both a passion for intervention to deal with market failures with a suspicion of the failings of big government. The roots of that combination are well illustrated in his excellent memoirs, Free Radical. They highlight how his work on development issues in Africa helped give him both those passions - seeing both the need for action and the consequences of government failure. Writing here exclusively for Lib Dem Newswire, Vince Cable sets out the roots of his political views in more detail.

  • D Train Prototype ()
    Article: Aug 8, 2017

    Actually not. There's a well developed second-hand trade in refurbished or adapted locomotives and occasionally multiple unit sets. For example, in 1966 six 4-car sets and six 3-car sets of London Underground stock built in 1923 were converted for use on the Isle of Wight Line and again in 1989 nine 2-car sets of 1938 London Underground vintage stock was modified, refurbished and also put to use on the Isle of Wight.

  • Tim Farron farming
    Article: Jul 30, 2017

    South Lakes MP Tim Farron has accused Michael Gove of "breaking a campaign promise" after he set out plans to cut subsidies for farmers unless they meet certain criteria.

    While Gove argued in his speech that the "The Common Agricultural Policy… all too often puts resources in the hands of the already wealthy", Tim points out that without subsidies many hill farmers would be driven out of business.

  • Paper Recycling
    Article: Jul 30, 2017

    The UK must do better in separating paper grades and types of plastic. For many years now the Chinese government has been increasing quality standards for the recyclates it imports from the UK.

    Starting with their national quality campaign Green Fence, aimed at raising the quality of imported recyclates the Chinese government has now moved on to a tough industrial inpection regime called National Sword. Any paper mill or plastics recycler found with sub-standard recyclate on the premises is simply shut down - on the spot.

  • Article: Jul 30, 2017
    In Sky news

    In case not seen, please see this interview which Sir Vince Cable gave to the Sophie Ridge show on Sky on Sunday


    Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable has said he is working with Conservative and Labour MPs to change the Government's approach to Brexit.

  • A591
    Article: Jul 30, 2017

    A new study by the Met Office warning of an increased risk of flash flooding shows that plans for flood defences in the South Lakes need to be fast-tracked, according to local MP Tim Farron.

    The new study by the Met Office, taking into account the effects of climate change, warns that there is an increased risk of "unprecedented" winter downpours which can lead to severe flooding.

  • Article: Jul 30, 2017

    A parliamentary report published today has warned that British farmers could become "uncompetitive" if the government allows cheap imports from countries with lower farming standards.

    The report states that "the greatest threat to farm animal welfare standards post-Brexit would come from UK farmers competing against cheap, imported food from countries that produce to lower standards than the UK."

  • Article: Jul 30, 2017

    Responding to the news that the government will end the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040, Scottish Liberal Democrat environment spokesperson Mariam Mahmood said:

    "Air pollution contributes to thousands of deaths in Scotland every year and costs the NHS hundreds of millions. Today's announcement does not go nearly far enough.

  • Challenge Autumn 2010 Thumbnail
    Article: Jul 26, 2017

    Submissions for the summer GLD Challenge Magazine please,
    letters, photos, articles, long or short
    (if long we can put full article on website and a shorter version in the magazine)

    You could look back to the snap election , what happened, how we could do better next time.

    or write on any topic of interest to Green Liberal Democrats.

    Deadline is 31st July, but please dont leave them to the last minute -
    search your imagination and hard drive now!

    We also hope to publish all Challenge articles on our website.

    Please note the email address has .ORG.UK not .CO.UK in it
    (there was a typo in the last few magazines)


  • Vince Cable
    Article: Jul 20, 2017

    Vince Cable is the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, unopposed at the close of nominations. Read his manifesto here.

  • Article: Jul 20, 2017

    South Lakeland MP Tim Farron has today expressed his disappointment that the DEFRA Minister Michael Gove MP refused to commit to protecting local farmers by introducing a Hill Farm Allowance. Figures show that without this support many farmers will be forced out of business.

    Tim challenged the Minister to introduce the Hill Farm Allowance in the House of Commons today. He pointed out that without the subsidies currently provided by the EU, the average hill farm business income for 2015/16 was minus £10,700.

  • Lord William Wallace (Alan Williams)
    Article: Jul 20, 2017
    By Caron Lindsay in Liberal Democrat Voice

    Saturday's Social Liberal Forum conference in London provided much food for thought as speakers challenged Liberal Democrat orthodoxy in various ways.

    Beveridge Lecture

    William Wallace kicked off proceedings by giving the annual William Beveridge Lecture. His theme was: Is a Liberal and Democratic society compatible with globalisation. His answer? Well, it disproportionately benefits the super rich and authoritarian states, so we have to change things to ensure that nobody is left out.

  • Surrey tips
    Article: Jul 20, 2017

    Following the launch of the 'consultation' on the future of Community Recycling Centres in Surrey which proposes the Closure of the Ranmore Road Tip in Dorking and three others in Surrey, the reduction in operating hours at Leatherhead and the other remaining tips and the imposition of further charges, Liberal Democrat Councillors have been working hard to oppose these proposals.

  • Frecklton solar farm
    Article: Jul 20, 2017

    Slowly but surely UK's railways are being electrified, but although switching from diesel to electricity increases energy efficiency considerably we still need to burn a lot of fossil fuel to make electricity. Reducing fossil fuel burn is becoming increasingly urgent and important and in some areas of the country through which trains run the grid can barely cope.

  • Jo Ruxton
    Article: Jul 16, 2017

    Cumbria MP Tim Farron yesterday evening took part in a discussion panel on environmental issues following the screening of the documentary film 'A Plastic Ocean', which highlights the growing problem of plastic waste in the oceans.

    The event, held at the Brewery Arts Centre, saw hundreds of local residents watch a screening of the film which documents the shocking consequences of plastic pollution and its impact on the environment, ecosystems and human health.

  • Joe Bourke, ALTER Chairman
    Article: Jul 16, 2017
    By Joe Bourke in Liberal Democrat Voice

    The rioting in Hamburg on the occasion of the meeting of the G20 this month highlights the oftentimes violent confrontation that exists between alternative theories of capitalism and socialism, as represented by the established orthodoxy and those that would seek to tear it down.

    At the heart of this conflict lies differing interpretations of economic theory, often depicted simplistically as left v right; Keynes v Hayek; socialism v capitalism; social liberalism v economic liberalism; or progressives v conservatives.

  • Jeremy Hilton
    Article: Jul 16, 2017

    Liberal Democrats have today secured support from members of the Council's Environment and Community Scrutiny Committee to create a cross-party working group to look at ways of reducing air pollution in Gloucestershire following publication of an independent report into air pollution levels outside county schools.

  • Solar Roads (dicegeorge.com)
    Article: Jul 10, 2017
    By Mariam Mahmood

    Road to a Green Future

    In December 2016, the building of the first solar panel road was completed in the French village of Tourouvre-au-Perche. This provides an excellent example of technological advancements being crucial in the fight against climate change.

    The solar panels (made by the French company Colas) are made of glass but will not crack under the weight of a truck. Being made from super-strong glass and covered in a resin containing silicon, these panels can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles - all while producing energy. Similar panels made by other companies also contain LED lights to show lines and signs without paint and can be heated to prevent ice and snow from building up on them. As if these technological specifics are not enough, the panels also have microprocessors which allows them to communicate with each other and their central control station.

  • Wingrove Bike Garden
    Article: Jul 10, 2017

    There are Bike Trains running from Monday 17th to Friday 21s July to help people avoid the likely disruption during the first few weeks of the Killingworth Road closure.

    Essentially it is a group ride on quiet roads and traffic-free paths starting in Fenham going to the Freeman Hospital / Benton Park View / Quorum depending on who is interested. It would be ideal for staff travelling from near Fenham and Gosforth who want to try cycling but maybe aren't so confident on the road or aren't sure of what routes to take.

  • Cllr Aspden near A19 Fulford
    Article: Jul 10, 2017

    Keith Aspden, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Fulford and Heslington, has reiterated his call for additional flood defence funding and works in Fulford.

    Earlier this year, Cllr Aspden collected signatures from Fulford residents for a petition that called for the completion of flood defence works in the area. Over 150 residents signed the petition, which was submitted to City of York Council and the Environment Agency.

  • Rainforest Trust logo (www.rainforesttrust.org)
    Article: Jul 5, 2017
    By Chris Redston, Chairman, Rainforest Trust UK

    As the world struggles to address the challenge of climate change, one simple and cost-effective solution to the problem is often overlooked. Protecting and restoring the planet's tropical rainforests could constitute half the solution to climate change, according to a peer-reviewed article in Nature. So why isn't rainforest protection central to the climate change debate, and how can we make more people aware of the role that rainforests play in the fight against global warming?