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Date of event

Climate Friendly Transport - changing the mix coming out of Lock-down

June 27, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Climate Friendly Transport - "Mind the Gap"
2.00pm-3.30pm Saturday 27th June
Conference Hall Zoom Meeting Room
Workshop team: Greg Archer UK Director Transport & Environment; Lib Dem Chris Bowers; Keith Melton - GLD Chair.
Moderators: Ross Benzie, Geoff Harvey

This session is deliberately organised as a political workshop. There is a massive gap between what we know has to happen in transport if the UK is to play its part in tackling climate change, and what voters are currently willing to vote for. What policies do we need to `narrow this gap` that voters will find attractive? And will they/can they create a real and rapid change to Climate-friendly transport?

Luxembourg - FREE buses (Keith Melton)

FREE buses in Luxembourg

Public transport will take passenger cars off the road if well used - but fear of coronavirus seems to be undoing years of promoting public transport. Does it need to be FREE and, if so, how will the cost be borne? Can fossil fuel cars be regulated off the road? Are we right to trust in e-vehicles, hydrogen or driverless cars? And what of flying? Where should taxpayers' money be spent to make the changes?

Moving to electric vehicles will only make a real difference provided electricity generation is by renewables. If fossil-fuel based electrical generation remains important, no real gain from EVs. What is the role of carbon tax here? Polluter Pays Principle?

Wera Hobhouse (Wera Hobhouse)This workshop will produce a list of potential policies - some of them possibly off-the-wall - which will be sent to our parliamentary environment and climate change spokesperson Wera Hobhouse. Don't just "mind the gap", help us to narrow it by bringing your ideas to this workshop.


Mind the Gap!

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