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Date of event

Welcome to the 2020 GLD Virtual Conference - our house rules, fire exits etc

June 20, 2020 12:00 PM

GLD Conference 2018 - Listening to Vince speak (KNDaws) 2020 GLD virtual conference logo (Jason Billin)Welcome to the GLD 2020 Vision Conference

Noon - 12.15pm Saturday 20th June
CH Central Hall
Compere: Lloydie
Speaker / Chair : Keith Melton (GLD Char)
Moderators: Simon Oliver and Diana Catton

No bricks and mortar, no time and oil wasting polluting transport… we are meeting online.

GLD 2020Visionfestival on Zoom - MH, CH and HelpDesk.

Click [CH] (or [MH]) on page 4 of the Conference Manual PDF you have been emailed

There are five types of spaces set up for this GLD member's conference to offer you an optimal experience

  1. CH Conference Hall sessions (Zoom calls webinars) where everyone is in the audience and will see on screen only those 'on stage'.

  2. MH Meeting Hall sessions (Zoom calls meetings) where everyone can see each other (the typical Zoom experience)

  3. Breakout sessions (side rooms generated by the host of a meeting or webinar) where multiple sessions run and all the attendees of a session are split into smaller groups

  4. Networking Lounges (Open with no scheduled agenda Zoom meetings) where you pick from a list and skip from room to room, lunch times etc.

  5. Helpdesk. This is on Jitsi.org, not on zoom, so that you can contact us if zoom fails. It will open in your web browser, or an app on your phone. If you have it open twice in two tabs we will get weird echoes (dont ask me how I know)

The links to CH and MH and HelpDesk will be sent to you in an email when you have bought a ticket, we suggest that you bookmark all three in your bookmarks toolbar for 2 weeks, and/or copy and paste them to a text file, or whatever is easiest for you. They must not be shared on the web or on facebook

The email may have subject "Guide to Access Green Lib Dem Conference" and may be from Alison

It should have attached to it a PDF document GLD2020_conf_manual_190620.pdf
(maybe look for a paperclip amongst your hundreds of emails)

Rightclick and save it to your desktop,
(or left click and open it in your browser
(and then maybe Control-D or Star to bookmark it))

The links to CH and MH zoom rooms will go to a holding page until the doors are opened a few minutes before the conference starts

At the top of page 4 are green links to MH and CH and HelpDesk

MH and CH will be closed until the session starts.

Bookmark them.

If all this fails then maybe ask on our facebook page or GLD members group https://www.facebook.com/groups/GLDMem/
or email George

Zoom overview

Zoom has become ubiquitous during the CoronaVirus pandemic lockdown. For many it is their first experience of video conferencing. As an entry point Zoom is pretty much jumping in at the deepend… off the highest diving board!

For the best experience using Zoom, downloading the app and creating a basic account is the way to go. Consider using Google credentials so that you don't have another set of login and password details to remember.

If you haven't made the Zoom plunge or don't have the internet you can still attend.

There are other options. One is you enter through a web browser, however the features are slightly limited. The other option is to use the landline or mobile phone dial-in feature.

Being an Attendee

The majority of attendees will be attending from home or a location following suitable social distancing with better wifi perhaps. The programme has each session with CH or MH, and a link to a webpage about that event

The GLD2020vision team have selected the stage and audience relationship they feel will give you the attendees the best opportunity to engage, participate, be informed or entertained. The festival program included Lunch and tea breaks just as a physical event would. What are these breaks invariably used for? Networking, meeting, conversations and reflection while being engaged in the topics and session of the extended event container. In the case of GLDvision2020 a 2 week programme spread over 14 days. Your ticket is a pass which gives you access to every session.

Session times are proverbial curtain-up for that session. Just as you would take your seat before curtain up if you go to the theatre, or take your seat prior to a conference session beginning arriving 10 mins before a digital session is no difference.

What about others attending? At a physical event we see fellow attendees all around us.

MH In a Zoom meeting you will see all your fellow attendees.

CH In a Zoom webinar you have a screen, possibly the panelists on screen waiting to begin.

For a discussion or meeting where one to one interaction is part of the experience Zoom meetings are best. Meetings have chat and participants (who is in the room) panels to provide a sense of who is in the room once there are more people than can fit on your screen. For seminars, talks and expert panels where the audience attention is on the topic, guests or speakers Zoom webinars excel. Webinars have chat and the addition of a feature rich Q&A panel. In both Meetings and Webinars polls can be used to gauge opinions and preferences in real time from the audience.

Announcements, Orientations and Ground Rules

You know where the toilets are and in case of a fire your escape is your priority. All dietary requirements are covered! There are no lights left on in the car park or remembering to get the last bus home. A round of drinks at the conference hotel bar aren't going to require a second mortgage and you won't have to fret that your round will approach and you can't afford it!

The Compere and hosts will be setting the scene. This new digital world for some comes with some danger. As organisers of the digital event it's our responsibility to look after you while you are in our digital care.

What we will be sharing, to put us all on an even keel or singing from the same hymn sheet is concerning mental wellbeing, firstly being respectful of each other in chat and ensuring we are able to participate and engage to our hearts content. And… what to do is this is not your experience.

Borrowed from the trade union Equity's SafeSpaces campaign emerging from the #MeToo movement and a continuing raising of awareness around bullying and harassment in the workplace a SafeSpaces statement will proceed each session.

SafeSpaces link - https://www.equity.org.uk/getting-involved/campaigns/safe-spaces/

The Compere or host will also invite you to customise your experience by renaming yourself to something more informal and informative. Changing from First and Last Name to your common known name, including your twitter handle or including your preferred pronouns. Even if you haven't asserted your preference we ask you to consider them so others can follow suit. These things matter. It is the GLD Team's hope that it will give you a fuller experience during the festival.

It's just not the same… digital is not less than its alternative. Blended with the physical it is liberating for those previously constrained by the be there or be absent norms. With the GLD's greening credentials this experiment is digital and I hope you will agree it is bold and brave.

For some the most memorable experience of a conference is often the shamed component of 'the Jolly'!
At the GLD2020vision digital festival we have you covered.

There are a series of open Zoom rooms. During the Lunch and Tea brakes attendees are free to roam the digital halls before joining or returning to the provided hosted zoom link for a timetabled session.

Among these is a Help Desk where any technical questions or points of order can be raised. Its the place for a point of contact throughout open times each day of the festival.

Remaining Impartial

As you know or perhaps you don't, there are various upcoming elections including that of the Party Leader.
Members in the GLD 2020 vision audience are asked to remain impartial during sessions. It is possible that some of the members attending today are standing in upcoming elections.

We ask that during GLD sessions there be no campaigning in the chat and that members refrain from any expressions of preference toward a specific Candidate.

The Green Liberal Democrats (GLD) who organised this festival have been meeting under these terms we ask you to respect this too in the way you conduct yourself today

Click here for the full programme

at greenlibdems.org.uk/conference

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