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2021 AGM Minutes

January 16, 2021 4:00 PM

Minutes of the GLD AGM - 16 January 2021-01-16

Welcome - from Martin Horwood - Chair - 64 participants
commented on developments
Apols from: Linda J, Jane B arriving later

  1. Minutes of prev AGM - Moved by KM - adopted as true and accurate record.
  2. Election of Exec: Dave Crowther DC - said Constitution needs updating ahead of next AGM to allow Zoom and E ballots.

No ballots were needed, as number of Roles equalled nominations

Chair KM


VC Comms Dc

Ord members: Six submitted by close of nominations - co-options to be put to first Exec meeting on 31 Jan

Joe Dodds,

  1. Honorary positions - nominations are:

Hon Pres - Martin Horwood
Hon Vice Pres x 3 - CB , KD & WH mp…

DC thanked Keith and Jason for their help making this very straightforward.

  1. Officers' reports
    Chair - KM
    VC Org - JB - spoke to coming year and syb groups
    VC Policy - SM - report is online - thanked for chance to be a bit disruptive. Corrected KM that Planning motion was amended successfully. Most successful item this year 600k views on test social media campaign on Planning. Looking forward to 2021 - could be transitional year - our job to get it right.
    MH - agreed this year potentially positive re COP and Biden
    Hon Tres - report online, surplus. Membership - KM mentioned Simon has stepped down, he's been v busy in developing things but needs a break. SO hesitant re covid - thinks decline in memb may be coid related. KM disagrees, may be GE19 related. KM proposing that via Exec fund raising needed, but viable to do what needed IE Challenge and memb engagement.
    VC Campaigns - GN - thanks to Hon Pres for stability - to KM thanks and we support you despite joshing him, thanks to SO , will be missed. To SM re collaborative work with Pippa, Sarah O etc, using Zoom etc has fundamentally changed things, being London based not been so important due to lockdown. Glad to see KM developing the Jennifer Ware Award, GN thanked Jennifer's membership working on stall at conf that meant that others could go out and attend other party of Conf etc. Great to see ward in her name continuing.
    MH - made special mention to thank Simon Oliver for all his hard work as Hon Treasurer
    VC Comms - 2 reports - 1 from Diana Catton as new VC Comms, 2 from Jane Brophy as prev VC.
    Jane - Comms encompasses all of the exec - took on Sept 19 - has been filled by 3 ppl since, JB, Joe Dodd, Diana Catton - Jane took up job in NHS hence stepping down, Jane's report online based on 1st 6 months. Key points, building team, twitter, FB, working with GM on comms, Challenge and website - big task for GM. Hopes next VC Comms is in place full year to make real difference.

Youth Officer - OJL - came on board Sept - main work - rep YL views into GLD . Bringing together a youth Green team. Working with YL on commonality re campaigns (Future Generations Bill) going forward - expending Youth Working Grp, helping with twitter and social media.

MH - thanked OJL for positive role, rare to have

Handed over to KM. Thanked all for attending.

  1. Thanked officers for reports and work, been mostly a pleasure, despite teasing re tech drop outs.
    We're in good fettle for 2021 - especially Virtual aspect - evidenced by so many attending here today.
    We can change the world. Jason discovered that his work is large as is all, each Officer now has sub group - hope you here will be able to help.

Jenifer Ware Award - Jennifer was member No.1 - Liberal Ecology grp 1977. KM was No.86.
Jennifer played large part of the original group. Meeting were held in Jenifer's kitchen frequently and provided great support.

Award is for exemplar work.

Nominated Peter Bruce for the award this year. For all of his hidden work -which was huge - in his role as VC Org. Hoping to get signed copy of book to present to him.

Hon Life Memberships. For those who have made great contributions to GLD over the years.
KM returned to GLD after period away. The previous chairs and Hon Tres kept
TO - GN, SO and PB - for contributions over significant period of time making sure GLD continued.
GN - speechless -you didn't warn me - now I'm a student and eligible for £1, you guys are awesome! GN touched by award.
GM - worried about giving away 3-4 each year - not sustainable.
KM - assured not planning to award every year - these are deserving for keeping GLD alive in the lean years.
JB - supports the choices and JW award
OJL - light heartedly - "go back to our constituents and find three new members to offset the loss of fees"… pointed out various levels of memberships. GN & SO very much deserve awards.
JB - a word on improvement - struggles on diversity, better with youth but gender balance not great ditto ethnicity - not reflecting population - put down mark GLD to work to improve diversity.
KM - asked Catherine Bearder and Kishan Devani to speak.
CB - agrees that Hon life member - never been more important time for GLD to work in every constituency to integrate into main party. Has more time so can help more in future.
KD - thanks for being part of this. Diversity - KD keen to help reach out to BAME to increase. Look forward to work with Officers in c youth to inc diversity, look forward to working with you all,
OJL - had action from Nov re Diversity - new Exec will rec training on, Slack? Training on Diversity, possibly a diversity officer - looking to work with KD - to work with other SAOs on this, Ld bad on working class representation, we're very middle class, esp on Green issues re ppl being left behind. Aim is formulating plans for next exec, engaging other groups.
KD - LDCRE keen to work on this.
KM - we have bee involved in new Forum AOs and SAOs - revue posy GE19 with feedback from them - KM attended, Jason stayed on. JB reported back on energy from the group.
KM - prior to inaugural mtg - SAOs AOs all agreed to work together KM happy to facilitate on our GLD behalf.

Mary Page - I was active prior to Xmas, since 2007. Honour & privilege, was Mayoral candidate for Bristol due to Covid19 has had to take paid job and is politically restricted and hence not active in politics now. GLD has kept me sane in this sea of craziness, has had Covid twice, on Diversity - when candidate for Bristol is announced (she) hope GLD will get behind her as much as you did behind me. Only female candidate - usually 'jobs for the boys' - thanks for the sheer joy you bring me.

  1. Informal session. 66 attendees now.
    KM - invite all to have stronger part in helping GL D exec along the way.

Church of England increasingly concerned about biodiversity loss

Catherine B - SIGs - planning doesn't jump out - need to be looking at Green belt etc - GLD could be driving party to focus on this so like to see GLD focus on this.

Good interesting conversation followed on - will be transcribed from recording