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Lessons from Covid-19 from The Ecologist website

November 26, 2020 7:36 PM

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Learn from Covid-19 pandemic to prevent environmental catastrophe, scientists argue.

Professor Dame Georgina Mace from University College London said: "In the Covid-19 crisis we've seen young and working age people sacrificing education, income and social connection primarily for the benefit of older and more vulnerable people.

To stem the impacts of climate change and address biodiversity loss, wealthier and older adults will have to forgo short-term material extravagance for the benefit of the present-day poor and future generations. It's time to keep our end of the social bargain."

Lessons from Covid-19 by Brendan Montague - 5th July 2020

Analogies and lessons from COVID-19 for tackling the extinction and climate crises:

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