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Green Lib Dem sponsored amendments

September 13, 2020 6:15 PM
By Keith Melton

As an Associated Organisation (AO) of the Liberal Democrats GLD cannot introduce amendments or motions directly for consideration. But we can get signatures together to put such amendments and motions forward from "10 or more individuals" as per the Party constitution. The five amendments below are sponsored by Green Liberal Democrats and we are hereby seeking signatures As Soon As Possible please. Submissions need to be completed by 12.00 noon on Monday 14th September. Please return your signatures by late Sunday evening if possible

One of the amendments is related to the motion F8 on Universal Basic Income. the other four amendments all related to F21 motion "A Green Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic" with the hope of making it more truly Green!

If YOU would like to support any or all of these amendments please follow the link to the online support form and provide your name, constituency, email address and LD membership number. Thank you.

Keith Melton, Chair GLD

Here are the potential amendments...

F8 Universal Basic Income

Amendment to motion F8 on UBI: `Green cost of living`
Intended purpose: To introduce the link UBI has to an improved environment and identify that `polluters must pay` towards any potential increased cost of living driven by the greening of the economy.

New Amendment to F8:
Conference Notes that:
Insert new Subparagraph c) after line 30 and renumber
c) As we progress closer to our target of 2045 for carbon neutrality, the greener choices consumers will have to make may incur an additional cost for basic necessities creating a new green cost of living.
Conference therefore calls for
DELETE lines 56 & 57 and REPLACE with new subparagraph 2, to read:
2. This income to be funded in a socially just and equitable manner that makes polluters pay their fair share in order to create a fairer social security system for all which will help our transition to a greener, more caring society.
Insert new subparagraph 3 after line 57 and renumber
3) This income to be set at such a level that will allow for UK residents to afford such increases in costs which may lead to a new green cost of living.

F21: A Green Recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Amendment A to motion F21: `Wellbeing`
Intended Purpose: To recognise that GDP is a poor indicator of Quality of Life and that the coronavirus has severely impacted the quality of life of many vulnerable groups in society. As we seek to emerge from the negative economic consequences of the coronavirus we need to establish a new way of assessing quality of life in terms of societal `Wellbeing`.

Conference notes that:
After the end of line 4, add new paragraph B and renumber…
B the economic consequences of the coronavirus pandemic have impacted severely on the most vulnerable groups in society both nationally and globally; groups struggling to thrive due to a lack of economic, social or material resources leading to an overall impact on human wellbeing.
Conference believes that:
Delete lines 18 & 19, [sub-para iii)] and replace with:-
iii) The economic recovery must focus on sustainable development and enhancing wellbeing; cutting emissions, alleviating fuel poverty and developing new green jobs
Conference calls on Government to:
Before line 35 add new sub-paragraphs 1 & 2, and renumber…
1. Take account of quality of life which values environmental security, biodiversity and human wellbeing alongside gross domestic product.
2. Develop solutions to empower people to live better and thrive within their local community with opportunity and dignity.
In the existing sub-paragraph 2, line 38, (renumbered as sub-paragraph 4 if this amendment passes) after the words "unemployed due to COVID-19" add the words "or other causes".

Amendment B to motion F21: `Carbon Tax & Dividend`
Intended Purpose: To recognise that emerging from the economic consequences of the coronavirus should allow us to Build Back Better, by creating a new low-carbon economy. Also, to recognise that a successful and just transition to a low carbon economy requires the development of a carbon tax, with a dividend introduced to make the taxation progressive rather than impacting unduly on poorer vulnerable groups.

Conference notes that:
After the end of line 4, add new paragraph B
B. Recent public opinion research by the Zero Carbon Campaign revealed that 72% of the public are willing to trade off the speed of economic recovery from Covid-19 in order to prioritise environmental progress, when considered holistic and fair.
(Ref: https://theecologist.org/2020/jul/08/public-support-carbon-pricing )
Conference believes that:
Add new sub-paragraph iv) after line 19
iv) That a successful and just transition to a low carbon economy must include a tax on the use of all fossil fuel, with a parallel citizen dividend to make such a tax progressive.
Conference calls on Government to:
Add new sub-paragraph 10 after line 60
10. Implement a carbon tax on all fossil fuel at the point of production or import, with the proceeds used to pay a dividend to all UK citizens.

Amendment C to motion F21: `Polluter Pays Principle`
Intended Purpose: To recognise that leaving the EU will entail the loss of the Polluter Pays Principle from the legislative framework within which society operates and to ensure a liberal approach to green recovery holds the PPP at its core in order to Build Back Better.

Conference Notes that:
After the end of line 11, add new paragraph D:
D The Polluter Pays Principle found in EU law has not been, and is unlikely to be, translated into UK law by this Conservative government
Conference believes that:
Add new sub-paragraph iv) after line 19:
iv) Polluters must pay for the damage done when they pollute: a truly liberal approach to a green recovery should hold this principle at its core if we are to Build Back Better.
Conference calls on Government to:
Add new sub-paragraph 10 after line 60 (If GLD sponsored Amendment B is successful, it would become sub-paragraph 11)
10 Incorporate the Polluter Pays Principle into UK Law, using the income generated to help fund a green recovery

Amendment D to motion F21: `Prioritising the Environment`
Intended Purpose: As it stands F21 effectively states that Covid19 is "biggest issue facing the UK and the world". Whilst it is, of course, a huge issue, the fact is that global over-heating and the consequent Climate Change emergency is a truly existential problem and should be treated as such politically. It is also more important to highlight the Government`s failure to even start reducing greenhouse gas emissions seriously, rather than critique lack of a longer-term strategy towards net-zero emissions, though both are true.

In section "Conference believes that:"
In sub-paragraph i) line 13,
DELETE the words "excluding the COVID-19 pandemic"
In sub-paragraph ii) line 17,
ADD at the end "or to achieve an early rapid reduction of UK greenhouse gas emissions"
In section "Conference reaffirms pledges…"
In sub-paragraph a) line 22, DELETE "Cut emissions" and REPLACE with "Cut greenhouse gas emissions"