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Green Hero - Andrew George

December 10, 2019 4:00 PM
By Keith Melton

Andrew George (Andrew George) AG supporters (Almona Choudhury)

St Ives - Marginal fight for Lib Dems

Andrew George, MP for St Ives from 1997 to 2015 is looking for a tiny swing on Thursday to win the seat back from the Tories. Just 313 extra votes would do the trick. As well as the need to cut the chances of a tory majority in Parliament, it may be the Environmental issue that could make the difference. Friends of the Earth recently scored the party manifestoes for their capacity to fight the Climate catastrophe and Lib Dems scored 30 points against a paltry 5.5 points for the Conservative policy platform. Judging by the cheery faces of some of his supporters above, the chances look pretty good!

Andrew George seen recently at Climate Change rally

New Building Standards Next GLD Hero

In the 2010 parliament Andrew George MP was the Vice Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Housing and Planning Group. He therefore had more than a passing say on the high standards set for insulation and environmental qualities of new build housing - standards which were set by the Coalition Government and which were then degraded by the Tories when they had the government to themselves after 2015.

As the Lib Dem candidate in West Cornwall and the Scilly Isles, Andrew strongly supports the emphasis on high standards, for new build houses, contained in the Liberal Democrat Manifesto this time around. This is just a part of the fight against the worst effects of Climate change.

Fishing important for local economy

Given the geographical position of the constituency it is no surprise that Fishing is important for local economy.. Andrew George comments:

Andrew George (Andrew George)"The Tories will end up with foreign boats fishing in UK waters, but we will have
no say on the Common Fisheries Policy. More than 80 per cent of the fish that
is caught by local trawlers is exported - almost entirely to Europe. We will end up with 15-20 per cent tariffs as well as administrative impediments."

"The most vulnerable period will of course be during the "transition". That's also
the time when critical decisions will be made. When the UK will have the
far less leverage in negotiations for the future."

More than just Europe - failed badger cull

Andrew recently made clear that this election is about much more than Europe. The Climate catastrophe is likely to do much more damage to the country than anything we might see resulting from the decision on Europe, whichever way it goes! He gives a full list of important issues here >>> https://www.andrewgeorge.org.uk/this-december-election-isnt-just-about-our-future-in-europe/... but, just to pick up on one of these Andrew makes clear...

"I fought to ban blood sports and helped start the first community-led badger vaccine programme to combat bovine TB in cattle. The Conservative wants to reverse the hunting ban and supports
the free shooting of badgers. He also backs the gun lobby."

Andrew G and badger (Andrew George)The Government's badger cull was politically motivated, not based on sound science. Seven years on and after the culling of 40,000 badgers that reality remains. Andrew George opposed the cull then warning that culling badgers would risk making the problem of bovine TB worse. He helped set up the first community-led Badger vaccination project in West Cornwall with Prof Rosie Woodroffe of ZSL .

"We've lost so much valuable time when the Government could have followed
science rather than playing politics with the spread of bovine TB.

With Prof Rosie Woodroffe and anaesthetised and vaccinated badger 6 years ago

Green Party member explains endorsement for Andrew...

Local Green Party supporter backs Andrew >>> See here >>> https://www.stiveslibdems.org.uk/why_i_m_supporting_andrew_1

And for other environmental stories featuring Andrew George, you may wish to follow these links... >>>





Making Change Happen

Andrew George is a key member of the Liberal Democrats team which can, together, make environmental change happen in Parliament, so we'll be doing all we can to help get him elected. Will you join us?

For more Green Heroes go to the Green Heroes front page here >>> https://greenlibdems.org.uk/en/page/green-heroes

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