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Green hero - Rebecca Hanson

December 3, 2019 5:10 PM
By Keith Melton & Laura Sykes

Lib Dem Candidate for Bootle Next GLD Hero Rebecca Hanson (Rebecca Hanson)

Councillor Rebecca Hanson is the Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Bootle constituency, a normally safe Labour seat, but there are both Conservative and Brexit candidates also standing, apart from the Green candidate.

Rebecca has demonstrated experience, drive and the ability to make a difference even in these turbulent times... She won her County seat with a 50% vote swing from the Conservatives.

She was a high-profile Lib Dem by-election candidate in 2017, when she became the first parliamentary candidate to live-stream every night - taking questions in real time on Facebook.

Protecting the NHS

Rebecca played a key role in saving her local NHS maternity services and is now working to sort out the UK's worst youth mental health crisis. Her book 'Healthcare Co-production - A Personal Account' gives some insight into how she has addressed these issues.

Rebecca has built a career as a teacher, lecturer and education advisor. She grew up in a deprived area of Newcastle and went on to study at Cambridge University. She is passionate about ensuring that educational policy leaves no child behind. Through her company Authentic Maths, Rebecca provides professional development for primary teachers. She lectured on maths education at Manchester Metropolitan University and for the Open University.

The trigger for Rebecca to join the Liberal Democrats was the moment when Conservative MP Michael Gove decided to block consultation on education policy. After three years on our national education policy development and international projects in education, she now has unique expertise in public sector regulation policy and is a Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching..

Environmental Campaigner

Councillor Rebecca Hanson is a respected environmental campaigner who successfully proposed Cumbria County Council's policy to make the whole of Cumbria (not just the Council) carbon neutral.

Action in Litherland

Councillor Hanson is actively campaigning to reduce pollution around the A5036 in Litherland.* The A5036 is now often gridlocked. Further expansion of Seaforth docks is planned in the near future, so the situation is now urgent. This isn't just an inconvenience for local residents and commuters, it is a health issue - vehicles stuck in traffic generate higher levels of pollution and CO2 than they would if moving efficiently.

[*For anyone tiring of the Election Campaign a little light diversion may be the
knowledge that The Beatles played some of their earliest gigs at
Litherland Town Hall in 1961]

And there`s more...

Rebecca is also working on carbon neutrality and biodiversity. The Climate emergency is a key factor in the 2019 General Election - we are the first generation to really understand the harmful effects of humans on the life-expectancy of our planet, but also the last generation to have time left to save us from the worst of those effects! It really is important to elect to Parliament people who understand the scale of the problems facing us and prepared to tackle the decisions needed to make the changes happen.

"Environmental campaigning is tough because it's often difficult to know what the best way forward is,
you have to take on vested interests, apathy and defeatism and you have to survive many setbacks.
The best environmental campaigners are the ones who can understand complex evidence,
simplify it so people can understand it, change minds and change policy.
Sir Ed Davey is my inspiration."

Making Change Happen

Rebecca Hanson is a key member of our Green Liberal Democrats team who can make environmental change happen in Parliament, so we'll be doing all we can to help get her elected. Will you join us?

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