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Why Net Zero 2040?

September 14, 2019 7:18 PM
By Steve Mason

We need net zero 2040 (frackfreeunited)The next two decades will prove to be decisive tackling climate change. As a party, we take the climate crisis very seriously, environmentalism goes hand in hand with liberalism but unless we get elected our solutions remain untested.

This party must take this opportunity to show the courage in our convictions and set the standards in tackling the climate emergency before us. This is the moment we can bring forward a new liberal environmental movement. We must exceed the expectations of the green agenda of other parties with our ambitious policy and plans.

Our councils are already setting the climate emergency agenda, by setting goals to achieve net zero by 2030, our national policy should complement this ambition. By setting our targets a decade ahead of the conservative government the Lib Dems can achieve the strongest, most credible climate policy in the UK. To get ourselves elected we need to be radical, yet credible, with the climate agenda that this country so desperately needs to protect the future of our children.

Simply put…We must seize this moment.

It's time for a Liberal Democratic Environmental movement to come forward, a movement for the mainstream voter to get behind and take the lead in fast action to deliver the 'net zero' vision for Britain.

The Lib Dems can lead that movement to deliver a cultural, technological, social and an environmental action plan with the right policy targets.

In the same way that the technological disruption of petrol engine cars, mobile phones and the internet caused radical change for previous generations, a technological disruption is underway right now in energy generation and usage. Renewables coupled with storage technologies are developing at such a fast pace we will be able to decarbonise our economy faster than ever. By accelerating action on the high global warming potential greenhouse gases we can also move faster than ever before in reducing our emissions.

It is staggering that if the energy policy of Lib Dems in coalition had continued since 2015, we could have been generating all our electricity by 2025 from renewables. It is only radical, but serious policy and real commitment such as this from a Lib Dem government that can enable the technologies, innovative thinking, finance and inspire cultural change.

Getting to Net Zero cannot be allowed to become an authoritarian dystopia. By liberalising policy, finance, education and taking action on climate change we can achieve a net zero future for all by 2040. A target that is not only achievable but electorally beneficial to the Liberal Democrats.

By leading 'green' innovation and finance we can capture value for both society and business. Retraining, education and investment will all be necessary to equip this country for this liberal vision for Britain which will result in the snowballing of opportunities for all.

It is therefore vital that a party deserving of power is not only be prepared to take the lead but must add political ambition to bring the cultural shift needed.

It is the responsibility of this progressive party to set the hard targets and create the framework that will allow the transformation to happen. Net Zero 2040 is THE political climate target that will resonate with the electorate.

We need net zero 2040 (frackfreeunited)