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Comment on The New Year Vince Cable Video

January 2, 2018 9:57 PM
By Steve Bolter

New Year Vince Cable Video

Steve Bolter's comments

This video features a Team of young advisors trying to influence the recording of Vince's New Year Video.
The environment is near the bottom of the Team's list and is not expanded on or reinforced.

In the video within the video, Vince does not mention it in his bried reference to policies, but more important the enduring principles he puts forward do not include sustainability or principles from which it can simply be derived.

Team List of Policies

Team Member Reinforcement and Addition

Vince Principles Missed

I agree that our guiding principles are very important. I agree with all the guiding principles mentioned, but there was one very important guiding principle missing - (Environmental) Sustainability. It could perhaps be derived from the principles mentioned; but only by knowledgeable intellectuals. Either the principle, or its policy consequences, should have been in the speech.

Environmental Sustainability should have been included in ways people can relate to:

VERY many think only the Green Party take this seriously. Vince is reinforcing this idea. The fact is: the Lib Dems have better, more practical, environmental policies than the Green Party

Vince Policy Mentions

NO mention of global climate change, the environment, or sustainability.

Given the multiple mentions of plain "Brexit" by the team, the once mentioned "Exit from" could well fail to register in some people's minds.

VERY many people still think the Lib Dems are a Soft Brexit party.

Exit from Brexit is a good catch phrase, but is open to misinterpretation as some people do not recognise that a double negative is a positive.

It need to be backed up by a clear message that Lib Dems believe in the EU and wish to take a lead role in its internal and external policy making.