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Mulholland welcomes Ministers pledge for simultaneous construction of East and West high-speed rail link

July 27, 2011 4:22 PM

Greg Mulholland, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Leeds North West, and leading campaigner on high-speed rail for Yorkshire, has welcomed the announcement by Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, that the high-speed rail links to Leeds and Manchester will be built simultaneously.

Mulholland has been a leading campaigning for a high-speed rail link to Yorkshire for a number of years now and has always insisted that if it was going to be a 'Y' shape, then both legs of it must be constructed at the same time.

Transport Secretary, Richard Hammond announced this week that once the high-speed line reaches Birmingham, the Leeds and Manchester branches will be built simultaneously.

Greg commented:

"As a Leeds MP and having campaigned hard to see the high speed rail link come to Leeds, I am delighted that that the Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, has now confirmed that the two branches of the line to Manchester and Leeds will now be built at the same time

"This is great news for Leeds and other Northern cities, as the significant economic benefits that the area will see as a result of a high-speed rail link, will be take effect sooner rather than later.

"I hope that by continuing to show our support for a high speed rail network, we can ensure it goes ahead, so Leeds and the rest of the North can benefit from the economic advantages it would bring with it."