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Government announcement on new nuclear slammed

January 10, 2008 2:27 PM

Jo Swinson has strongly criticised the Government's decision to give the green light to a new generation of nuclear power stations.

Government Ministers announced their intention to press ahead with the new nuclear build in Parliament today.

Commenting on the announcement, Jo said:

"The Government has confirmed today that it is determined to press ahead with its flawed proposal for a new generation of nuclear power stations. We do face a growing problem in meeting our future energy needs, but the solution is not in the Government's costly nuclear strategy.

"Pressing ahead with a new nuclear build will mean a huge bill for taxpayers. The cost of cleaning up our existing nuclear waste is over £70 billion, added to which would be the cost of building the new stations, unlikely to be met solely through private investment.

"We already have a mountain of nuclear waste awaiting disposal, with no consensus on what to do with it. To press ahead without resolving the waste issue is simply environmental negligence.

"Scotland has abundant natural resources that can form the basis of a world-leading renewables industry. Development of these new technologies, along with a focus on energy efficiency and economic instruments like the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, should form the basis of our energy policy."

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