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Coastal waters around the world are being choked by the effects of Man.

January 14, 2008 10:00 AM

According to MyGreenWeek, research by the World Resources Institute has found that coastal waters around the world are being choked by the effects of man.

The study, involving the Virginia Marine Institute, has revealed hundreds of coastal areas are giving cause for concern.

according to the study, countless coastal waters are suffering the effects of nutrient pollution which scientists say is being caused by agriculture, industry, fossil fuel use and population growth.

The effects may include excessive growth of algae, including harmful algae species that can kill marine life and cause shellfish poisoning in humans; allow certain organisms such as jellyfish to become more dominant and a drop in the diversity of marine species.

The pollution is also thought to be damaging our coral reefs and creating oxygen-depleted 'dead zones.'

The experts say that more than 400 coastal areas suffering from this type of pollution have already been identified but there may well be many more since there is not sufficient data for certain parts of the world such as Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

The Institute is recommending that environmental agencies and coastal authorities worldwide carry out regular assessments of coastal areas at risk. It also wants a common classification method for rating the problem and new tools for monitoring water quality to be introduced.

Ocean life enriches our planet so much - check out this video on swimming with dolphins!

Susan Hunt