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Liberal Democrats lead the way on climate change again - Baker

February 8, 2005 12:00 AM

Norman Baker MPCommenting ahead of the Liberal Democrat opposition day debate on Climate Change in the House of Commons this afternoon, Norman Baker MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Environment Secretary, said:

"We are at a key crossroads in the debate on climate change. With the Kyoto agreement coming into force in the next week, and Britain's presidencies of the G8 and the EU, this is an opportunity for the Government to take the debate forward.

"Research shows that tackling climate change does not have to damage the economy, and can aid economic development by providing long term savings. Action on climate change is a win-win situation.

"Once again the Tories have found themselves on the wrong side of the argument. They are a lone voice calling for less environmental regulation. Their plans to impose massive cuts on the Environment Agency and abolish the climate change levy would be disastrous.

"They had a dreadful environmental record in Government and whilst in Opposition have committed themselves to a road building plan that would tarmac over an area the size of London. It is clear the Tories regard the environment as a resource to be manipulated rather than one to be protected."