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Welcome to the Green Liberal Democrats. the "environmental conscience" of our Party
Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation. We must implement the commitments made in 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Some countries are making significant progress but the UK is currently failing to demonstrate clear political leadership to address the urgent environmental problems facing the planet.

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Our latest News Articles:

  • Steve Bolter (KNDaws)
    Article: Mar 14, 2020
    By Steve Bolter in GLD Challenge magazine 2019-20

    While counter terrorism police waste their time investigating known Extinction Rebellion supporters and school strikers reported by their teachers, the real terrorists travel into the heart of London, mingling unnoticed with ordinary commuters on buses trains and tubes. They wear no badges and carry no placards. They do not have suicide belts spoiling the shape of their smart jackets. These hidden terrorists spend their days working for the breakdown of society, by investing people's savings into the fossil fuel industry. The "terror" of the risk of one's bus being diverted because of a crowd of school strikers demonstrating for action to slow climate change, or a few extremists padlocking themselves together or gluing themselves to things; is a minor and short lived "terror". The terror of advancing climate disruption bringing drought, fire, flood and crop failure, with the resultant starvation, mass-migration, and wars over water and food; is a real, intense and ever-pervasive terror.

  • Tibetan Coconut Curry (The Food Rhino)
    Article: Mar 14, 2020
    By Joel Baccas and Madeleina Kay in GLD Challenge magazine 2019-20

    Changing Modern Diets Joel Baccas and Madeleina Kay (written in 2018)

    More and more people in the EU (particularly the youth) are adopting a healthier and ethical approach to their eating habits. It is therefore, entirely reasonable, that food producers/retailers adopt a mandatory simple labelling system that indicates the suitability of food products for different dietary types. Alerting consumers to the type of ingredient, animal or plant based, will allow them to make better choices. This is especially important in light of the multilingual nature of the European continent.

  • 12 beans and half a slice of unbuttered toast
    Article: Mar 14, 2020
    By Suzanna Austin in GLD Challenge magazine 2019-20

    I have a serious issue with beans; soybeans, fine beans even vanilla beans. I know what you are thinking and contrary to popular belief the issue I have isn't with the effects of eating additional fibre. No, my issue is about how green an option they really are. To be fair my issue doesn't solely rest with the legume family, they are just the better known of the criminal enterprise that can masquerade as 'good for us'.

  • Challenge 2019-20 Front Cover - Green Liberal Democrats' Magazine (Wikimedia and George Miles)
    Article: Mar 14, 2020
    By Roger Hallam in GLD Challenge magazine 2019-20


    Roger Hallam of Extinction Rebellion at World Web Forum 2020 talks to 5% of his audience,
    the outliers who have courage -
    "Values dont mean shit: what counts is courage, the courage to put values into action, unless you act they dont mean anything."
    "Courage is not 'not having fear' but deciding there is something more important than fear , this massive headfuck beyond imagination threat we have on the climate."

  • Article: Mar 13, 2020


    STOP PRESS, March 12th 2020

    The possibly cursed 2019 AGM will be at York AND ONLINE from 7:45pm on Saturday 14th March 2020
    as a result of the Federal Conference Committee cancelling the Spring Conference to protect members from Covid-19.

    There will be a minimal presence at the original venue, and we do not recommend that you attend in person. Instead, we ask that you connect with us online via our Zoom meeting portal. Instructions for how to do this are below. As always, sending apologies to me or any officer will have them minuted.

    The two elections for the Chair and for the six ordinary exec member roles are continuing with online voting still open. The candidate manifestos can be found here: http://grn.lib.dm/ChairElection and here: http://grn.lib.dm/OrdinaryElection

    There is a voter verification process, and voting more than once or putting your details in incorrectly may invalidate your vote. If you cannot make the form work, please email your preferences (place the candidates in order of preference) to the returning officer before 2pm on the day to allow time for verification and counting. Include your full name and libdem membership number. The online form will cease to accept new votes from 8pm on Saturday. Email the returning officer at ro@greenlibdems.org.uk

    If you do not have access to a computer or email account, you can connect to the meeting via any phone, but regrettably we have no time or leeway under the constitutional restrictions to re-open postal voting applications.

    Zoom Meeting Instructions

    You can join the meeting at any time from 7pm (and I strongly urge people unfamiliar with the interface to do so to resolve any technical issues). In addition I will be hosting an informal "how to" drop in seminar using the same connection details between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday afternoon.

    The link to the Zoom meeting is in an email which was sent to all members:
    Date: 21:45 12/03/2020

    This is for members only so we're not publishing it here.

    However it is now on GLD Members facebook group

    You will need the meeting ID to connect to the correct meeting. If you need a number in a different country, please let us know asap

    When you connect, your video and sound will be muted, and we ask that you keep them that way. However, you should ensure that you can hear sound and that your camera and microphone are working before the meeting begins.

    The Chair and host can and will mute everyone and turn off videos to keep order and prevent signal loss for those with poor internet connections. Online meetings with multiple sound sources are hard to manage and require a certain amount of restraint and discipline from everyone to allow everyone to participate effectively.

    When you wish to speak there is a "raise hand" option in the Participants list, which the Chair will use to activate microphones (and, if needed, video) for people to contribute. There is also a chat feature which can be used to make comments or attract attention if you cannot find the raise hand option.

    Please note that people connecting by ordinary phone, and those in the room at York, will not have these options. The Chair will make allowance for this and ask if either of these two groups wish to comment. Speak your name clearly if and when this happens and the Chair will call on individuals to speak.

    Because this is our first attempt at using this technology on a wide scale, there may well be some hiccups and it won't go as smoothly as an in-person meeting (even). We ask you to be patient and understanding. If it works we will be able to save much more carbon emissions in the future with similar meetings.

    To avoid a possibly painful process dragging on too long, we will be asking the President to call for a suspension of standing orders at the start of the meeting to permit some items to be dropped from the agenda. First among these will be the constitutional changes. The essential elements of the AGM - the elections and accounts - will remain.

    If you need any assistance with any of this, please text me, or call if you cannot text, on 07989 711782 and I will get back to you when I can. The members facebook group will be live during the AGM and you will find help getting zoom to work there also https://www.facebook.com/groups/GLDMem/ .


    Simon Oliver, GLD Honorary Treasurer

    We have followed the GDPR guidance at https://www.libdems.org.uk/gdpr

  • 1 million jobs (Campaign Against Climate Change)
    Article: Mar 12, 2020
    By Stewart Reddaway

    Not taxing carbon is a bit like trying to reduce smoking without taxing cigarettes.

    A comprehensive carbon tax on all fossil fuels, collected at the point of production or
    import, uses market forces to go to the root of the problem of CO2 emissions. Raising
    the cost of carbon is very cost-effective at reducing CO2, encouraging both energy
    efficiency and the use of low-CO2 energy. It applies to all sectors, including heating,
    industry, electricity generation and transport. To keep this document relatively short,
    some issues have been omitted.

  • Greta Thunberg at Bristol (Beth McEwen and Laila Dilley)
    Article: Mar 11, 2020
    By Julian Hawkins in GLD Challenge magazine 2019-20

    facebookExtinction Rebellion say we must become carbon neutral in five years, but the Centre for Alternative Technology propose ten years, while the Committee on Climate Change say thirty years is good enough to avoid seriously damaging climate change.

    Officially, the UK has reduced Carbon emissions by about 40% since 1990, but Greta Thunberg says the true figure is only 10%. So, what is going on?

  • Eco Refurb course at CAT Machynlleth (George Miles)
    Article: Mar 9, 2020
    By George Miles in GLD Challenge magazine 2019-20

    CAT 's report on Zero Carbon Britain was updated in October 2019.

    There's a new Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab at CAT to help communities, local authorities and policymakers to create Zero Carbon Action Plans, and to provide support for the development of innovative solutions.

    They hold many great weekend courses, Architecture, EcoRefurb, Permaculture, Buiild a Bird Box ,Build a Shed, etc, and are open for day visits with many exhibits and a bookshop.

  • Happy orange child (David Castilo Dominici)
    Article: Mar 9, 2020
    By Veronica-Mae Soar in GLD Challenge magazine 2019-20



    What will we say to the child at the gate ?
    We knew what to do but we left it too late.

    For decades came warnings of how things might be
    If we poisoned the land and the air and the sea.

    But very few listened or took a world view
    And many just argued and said "it's not true"

    With data uncertain and room for debate
    Few would agree it might soon be too late

    Oh yes there were meetings and many words spoken,
    But what they produced was merely a token

    The goals were not binding, the targets too low,
    Despite urgent warnings "we'll reap what we sow"

    Now the window is closing; the time we have left
    Is so close to midnight - our world is bereft.

    Just what will it take to get leaders to act,
    To all work together - a vast global pact.

    For all other problems will rapidly pale
    If our life support system should falter and fail

    It's bold action that's needed, so send out the call,
    Each country must help from the big to the small.

  • Powick Parish Malvern Flooded (Dale Humphries)
    Article: Mar 9, 2020
    By Steven Mather in GLD Challenge magazine 2019-20

    I'm sat here writing this on Tuesday the 18th of February 2020 as my account of the impact of flooding on Worcester as I have seen it, living on the St John's (western) side of the River.

    To give a little bit of background I live in a modest flat in a converted merchants town house which overlooks the River Severn and the Pitchcroft Racecourse which I moved into in 2011. I have always felt very lucky to live here, but never quite so grateful as now, given that the building I live in is well above the river levels brought by the flooding. This has obviously given me an excellent vantage point to observe the river and racecourse which is, in reality, a flood plain used most of the time for leisure activities including our annual beet festival, circuses and other activities as well as racing.


the "environmental conscience" of the Liberal Democrats

We regard climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Countries around the world urgently need to implement the commitments made in 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Some countries are making significant progress but the UK is currently failing to demonstrate clear political leadership to address the urgent environmental problems facing the planet. The Green Liberal Democrats seek to influence political policies, both within the Liberal Democrats and across the wider political spectrum.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote a green approach to policy formation within the Liberal Democrats.

  • provide information and political education from a green perspective to party activists and elected representatives.

  • establish and develop links with the wider green movement.

  • welcome those that share our aims into the Green Liberal Democrats, to encourage participation in its activities and to ensure equality of opportunity for all members.

We seek to build support within the electorate for the transition to a green economy. If you would like to become involved there is a wide range of opportunities to contribute your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. Join on line here.

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