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The Green Liberal Democrats promote environmental issues within the party and in collaboration with other organisations.

We regard climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Countries around the world urgently need to implement the commitments made in 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Some countries are making significant progress but the UK is currently failing to demonstrate clear political leadership to address the urgent environmental problems facing the planet. The Green Liberal Democrats seek to influence political policies, both within the Liberal Democrats and across the wider political spectrum.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote a green approach to policy formation within the Liberal Democrats.

  • provide information and political education from a green perspective to Party activists and elected representatives.

  • establish and develop links with the wider green movement.

  • welcome those that share our aims into the Green Liberal Democrats, to encourage participation in its activities and to ensure equality of opportunity for all members.

We seek to build support within the electorate for the transition to a green economy. If you would like to become involved there is a wide range of opportunities to contribute your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. Join on line here.

Checkout our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/greenlibdems/info/

GLD Conference,
15 June 2019

Libdem Spring Conference York 2019 GLD Fringes (Graham Neale (c))

GLD amendment and Fringes at York LibDem Conference 16March 2019

Our latest News Articles:

  • Aimee Challenor (Aimee Challenor)
    Article: Jun 10, 2019
    By Aimee Challenor

    Aimee Challenor will be speaking at the GLD 2019 Conference

    On the 15th of this month, the Green Liberal Democrats Annual Conference is being held in Nottingham. I've been lucky enough to be asked to be a part of a youth panel at the conference, and I'm really looking forward to attending, so we can discuss the importance of taking Climate Action.

  • Sam Harris (Sam Harris)
    Article: Jun 10, 2019

    Sam Harris will be speaking at the GLD 2019 Conference

    To represent Extinction Rebellion and the Nottingham Youth Strikes at this conference is a real pleasure as it gives me the opportunity to share my experiences from the grassroots of environmental activism as a young person. I am also very much looking forward to sharing a platform with committed and vibrant fellow young activists from a wide range of political backgrounds.

    As we have seen with the recent IPCC report we have little-to-no time to start acting on the emergency we are facing and so far the politicians in the EU, in Westminster and the other devolved governments have taken no real action. We need radical system change to manage and curtail the destruction of our climate and our environment.

    The most common thing I hear on the youth strikes and from many younger XR members is that they have no trust in the current government and believe that politicians will always put profit, their own political interests and their career over the people and the planet - this has to stop! The companies, corporations and big business that run this country will continue to greenwash and pretend to care but their one goal is profit regardless of the cost to the environment.

    We are building a movement bigger than any I have seen in my lifetime, built by young people, led by young people and supported by young people. No more can we rely on the outdated methods of lobbying and conversations, we must take action through whatever non-violent means that are necessary. The time for talking is over!
    Sam Harris
    (Extinction Rebellion & Youth Strikes 4 Climate, Nottingham)
    Twitter: @Sam0Harris

  • Joel Baccas (Joel Baccas)
    Article: Jun 10, 2019

    Joel Baccas will be speaking at the GLD 2019 Conference

    I am an independent Anti Brexit campaigner who looks at and comments on the legal side of leaving the European Union. This is my first time at any political conference so I am very excited to meet people who also have a passion for the health of the planet.

  • Pushkin Choudhury (Pushkin Choudhury)
    Article: Jun 10, 2019

    Pushkin Choudhury will be speaking at the GLD 2019 Conference

    This conference is a triple first for me; my first time attending the Green Liberal Democrat (GLD) Conference, as the newly appointed GLD Youth Officer and I shall be Chair at one of the GLD's first EVER youth panel.

    It is an exciting time for the GLD. Not only is Climate change finally being recognised and taken seriously as a crucial issue, the GLD is consequently experiencing a surge in membership numbers and is being looked upon as the go-to group for consultation on all matters environmental by the Party.

    On the Young GLD panels we have a great line-up of future political leaders including; Aimee Challenor, an activist who has fought consistently for equal treatment of the LGBTQ+ community. Leena Sarah Farhat, a PPC and Senedd candidate for Carmarthenshire East and Dinefwr and a hardworking LibDem activist. Jack and James Dart, who are both high profile activists in the tireless fight against Brexit.

  • Leena Sarah Farhat (Leena Sarah Farhat)
    Article: Jun 10, 2019
    By Leena Sarah Farhat in GLD NEWS

    Leena Sarah Farhat will be speaking at the GLD 2019 Conference

    As a young woman who is passionate about Welsh rural affairs, I am so excited to be speaking on the Green Liberal Democrat (GLD) Youth panel. This will be my first time attending the GLD Conference and I cannot wait to learn so much about environmental issues across the UK!

  • TUCAN supporter logos (Greener Jobs Alliance)
    Article: Jun 10, 2019
    By Kevin Daws

    Earlier this year through Green Liberal Democrats e-news we made you aware of the upcoming launch of TUCAN - the Trade Union Clean Air Network. The launch took place in February and was supported by 13 trade unions representing the bulk of TUC membership who have signed up to the Trade Union Clean Air Network (TUCAN) This charter provides a framework for unions to campaign for the health and environmental concerns of workers.

  • 703 Gains (Foghorn Leghorn)
    Article: Jun 10, 2019
    By Kevin Daws

    The 2nd of May 2019 is a day that will live in the memory of many people, especially Liberal Democrats, for years to come. The last time I can remember us having a night as significant as this was May 1993 when we made sweeping gains in the County Council elections and David Rendell overturned a Tory majority of over 12000 to win the Newbury by-election with a majority of over 22,000.

  • Article: Jun 5, 2019
    By Jess Clayton

    Lib Dems table legislation to tackle air pollution crisis

    Today, for World Environment Day, Liberal Democrat Climate Change spokesperson Wera Hobhouse is tabling a bill to give local authorities more powers to issue fines to idling vehicles.

    The Bill will increase penalties for stationary vehicle idling offences, as well as increasing fines for those who repeatedly offend.

    World Environment Day is the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. This year the focus is on tackling air pollution.

    Speaking ahead of tabling her bill, Wera Hobhouse said:

    "For far too long this Conservative Government has failed to take air pollution seriously. They have lost numerous court cases over their inability to tackle the toxic fumes that Britain breathes every day. Liberal Democrats demand better.

    "This is a major crisis, with emissions from vehicles responsible for a myriad of health problems, many terminal. Research shows that 800,000 people die every year across Europe due to air pollution.

    "Yet the Conservative Government do nothing.

    "The legislation that I have tabled is crucial step in tackling our air pollution crisis. It will allow local authorities to clamp down on idling without the need to apply to the Government first, and it will enable them to increase fines on repeat offenders.

    "We must do more to tackle both the climate emergency and the air pollution crisis. The Tories must stop wilfully ignoring the problem and back my Bill."

  • Catherine Bearder MEP
    Article: May 30, 2019

    The Liberal Democrat MEPs have elected Catherine Bearder MEP as the leader of the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament following the first meeting of the MEP group today.

    Following the best ever European Election result in the party's history, Catherine Bearder MEP will lead a group of 16 Liberal Democrat MEPs as the party continues to campaign to stop Brexit.

    Speaking after the announcement, Catherine Bearder MEP said:

    "I am delighted to be elected as the leader for the Liberal Democrats in the European Parliament.

    "Our main priority will be to stop Brexit and with 16 MEPs we will ensure our message is heard loud and clear in Brussels.

    "We will also fight for those EU and UK citizens who were denied a vote on this election."

    Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable MP added:

    "Catherine led the charge for British liberalism in Brussels during a difficult five years for the party.

    "She has consistently kept the Remain flame alight, as well as being a leading voice on environmental protection and the fight against wildlife trafficking.

    "With a firm grasp of how the EU institutions work, and how to get things done, I know she will lead our new team of 16 with distinction. She has a group with an impressive body of experience in the European Parliament to complement the talent of our many new MEPs.

    "We are now the second largest liberal delegation in the European Parliament, and I look forward to our MEPs making a real mark as the Union sets its agenda and chooses a new Commission for the coming five years."

  • Article: May 30, 2019
    By Catherine Bearder MEP in Liberal Democrat Voice

    First of all can I just say a huge, huge thank you to all of you. In just three weeks, our activists put in a marathon effort to deliver millions of leaflets, bang in 'Stop Brexit' and 'Bollocks to Brexit' stakeboards and knock on thousands of doors (and this was on the back of an enormous effort to get all those wonderful councillors elected!).

    Now we are sixteen MEPs and I finally have some colleagues with me to fly the Lib Dem flag in Brussels and Strasbourg! There are some past MEPs coming back into our midst like Chris Davies, Phil Bennion and Bill Newton-Dunn, but there also some rising stars in the party like Irina Von Wiese, Antony Hook and Caroline Voaden and so many others who come with a whole range of skills and life experiences. It is truly a great and diverse team - over 50% are women and two MEPs are BAME.

    Yesterday we met in London and the MEPs voted for me to lead our Lib Dem delegation in the European Parliament. I believe that my knowledge of how the EU works combined with the connections I have made over here in the last five years will ensure that our stop Brexit message is heard loud and clear by the EU negotiators.

    Now we will begin setting up our offices for the frantic months ahead and make sure we hit the ground running when the new European Parliament term begins on July 2nd. Each one of us will be regularly coming back to our constituencies, hosting meetings in town halls, speaking to businesses and community groups, campaigning with Lib Dem activists and reaching out to other remain groups. We have to use this summer to build momentum for a potential General Election in the autumn.

    So finally, my message to you all is this: hold your head up high and be proud of what you have achieved in this month of May (where we also saw the end of Prime Minister May). Keep having the conversations with the undecided and call out the Brexiters who believe democracy ended on June 23rd 2016. Liberal Democrats are more important than ever to the future peace and prosperity of this country and we must take on this responsibility with passion and commitment.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    * Catherine Bearder is a Liberal Democrat MEP for the South East and Leader of the European Parliament Liberal Democrat Group.