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Welcome to the Green Liberal Democrats.
Climate change is the biggest challenge of our generation. We must implement the commitments made in 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Some countries are making significant progress but the UK is currently failing to demonstrate clear political leadership to address the urgent environmental problems facing the planet.

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Our latest News Articles:

  • Munira Wilson MP (Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Feb 4, 2020
    By David Green

    The Liberal Democrats have today urged MPs to oppose "decisions that fly in the face of climate change commitments" and back their amendment to cancel Heathrow's third runway.

    Munira Wilson, the Liberal Democrats' Transport Spokesperson and MP for Twickenham, has lodged an amendment to a Labour motion calling for the cancellation of Heathrow's third runway.

    This move, to be debated in the House of Commons on Tuesday [05/02/2020], will give MPs the first opportunity to reject Heathrow expansion in this Parliament. It is also the first vote MPs will have on the issue since June 2018.

    Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrats' Transport Spokesperson, said:

    "Heathrow is already the UK's biggest source of carbon emissions and a third runway will increase the number of flights by 300,000 a year. We cannot continue to make decisions that fly in the face of our climate change commitments.

    "The utter cheek, therefore, of Tory Ministers claiming to be committed to achieving net-zero emissions whilst pressing ahead with one of the most damaging projects is beyond me.

    "Liberal Democrats will continue to fight against expansion of Heathrow airport and will hold the Tories to account on their poor record on tackling the climate emergency. We will therefore give Parliament an opportunity to put action to warm words and vote to reject a third runway."

  • Event: Mar 13, 2020 - Mar 15, 2020

    13-15th March 2020

    Libdem Conference, York

    GLD Fringes:

    20.15-21.30 Fri 13th March
    Green LibDems with Assoc of LibDem Trade Unionists
    Greening the Workplace - How can businesses and trade unions work together to combat Climate Change?

    Business =20%UK emissions. What can LibDem Trade Unionists, GreenLibDems, employees, business owners, elected representatives.... do to accelerate climate change action in the workplace.

    Sir Simon Hughes (President ALDTU), Cllr Jane Brophy (recent MEP), Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union group TBC.

    Room 3 York Novotel


    13.00-14.00 Sat 14th March

    Rural District & County Green Campaigning Best Practice -

    Mobilising Zero Carbon Communities

    Empowering local Circular Economies with toolkits and grants interacting with LEPs. Projects from Transport to Housing and Energy with excellent benefits for wellbeing and Sustainable growth.

    With Layla Moran MP, Cllr Pippa Heylings, Cllr Steve Mason, Sue Jefferson (Realising Possibilities).

    Room 3 & 4 York Novotel 13.00-14.00 Sat 14th March


    18.15-19.15 Sat 14th March

    Urban &City Green Campaigning - Hear about Key successful campaigns for Sustainable Cities.

    Preparing for May Elections? Green projects can be popular from Buildings &Transport to Energy &Green Spaces. Wera Hobhouse MP leads speakers from UK cities on best practice: CllrAdele Morris (London/LGA), CllrPaula Widdowson (York), CllrRichard Kemp (TBC/Liverpool) and Mary Page (Bristol).

    Riverside Room York Novotel 18.15-19.15 Sat 14th March


    19.45-21.00 Sat 14th March

    GLD AGM with guest speaker Daisy Cooper MP

    Come and vote on key Officer posts for our vital GreenLibDem organisation and have your input on key priorities. Special appearance from our new St Albans MP Daisy to inspire us for activism coming up to May elections and beyond.

    Room 5 York Novotel 19.45-21.00 Sat 14th March


  • Ed Davey
    Article: Jan 31, 2020
    By Timothy Wild

    Responding to reports of the removal of Claire O'Neill as President of COP26, Former Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Climate Change Ed Davey said:

    "It is extremely alarming that the President of COP 26 has been forced out of her role. The Prime Minister must get a grip and announce a new COP team within a few days.

    "During the election Boris Johnson pretended that he was interested in tackling the climate emergency. His words have not been met with any action whatsoever.

    "We have no department for climate change and no President of COP which is the key global climate summit. The climate clock is ticking and Boris Johnson has no plan and no interest in forming one."
  • Challenge 2019-20 Front Cover - Green Liberal Democrats' Magazine (Wikimedia and George Miles)
    Article: Jan 23, 2020



    23rd January 2020

    from GLD Challenge magazine 2019-20

    Australia is known for many things. Lovely beaches, great cuisine, a laid-back attitude, world-leading arts, egalitarianism, and now ... fires. Blistering, unstoppable and unprecedented fires.

    This essay will, of necessity, be impressionistic. The fires in Australia in the last six weeks or so have been so vast, so complex, and so terrifyingly new in their scale and ferocity, that all a member of the general public is left with are ... impressions. Facts are hotly disputed. News is garbled. Political agendas abound, and they skew people's reportage. People take sides, and seem incapable of getting out of their trenches once in them.

  • Birdgirl (Mya-Rose Craig - Birdgirl)
    Article: Jan 20, 2020
    By Keith Melton

    BirdGirl to become youngest Honorary Doc ever.

    Mya-RoseCraig, otherwise known as Birdgirl, one of our speakers from last year`s Green Lib Dem Conference in Nottingham is to receive an Honorary Doctorate in Science from Bristol University in February. Still only 17, this will make her the youngest Honorary Doc in the UK. WELL DONE Mya-Rose!

  • Article: Jan 16, 2020

    Challenge magazine 2015 Winter front cover from GLD (https://greenlibdems.org.uk/en/page/challenge-magazine)

  • Challenge 2019-20 Front cover draft
    Article: Jan 14, 2020

    Articles, Photos, artwork and ideas please for GLD Challenge Magazine 2019/20


    Especially reviews of the general election - our successes and failures and lessons to be learned

    This must be printed and posted to our members before the LibDem York Conference 13 March 2020.

    Most articles will also be published on our website, so as to reach a wider audience through search engines and social media shares etc

  • Article: Jan 13, 2020
    By Keith Melton

    Greening the Liberal Democrat Conference(s)

    The observant amongst you will perhaps recall that, although I did not quite manage to make it onto the Federal Conference Committee in the recent elections, I was actually "Last Man Standing" in the single transferable vote as the counts progressed! Last one dropped!

  • End is nigh (Keith Melton)
    Article: Jan 8, 2020
    By Keith Melton

    Reasons to be at the GLD AGM

    Calling Green Lib Dems who will be attending the Spring Conference in York…

    The much-delayed Annual General Meeting of the Green Liberal Democrats will be held in York on the evening of Saturday 14th March at 19.45 in room 5 of the Novotel Hotel.

    As well as the perfectly sound reasons of electing the new Executive Committee and hearing a leading speaker (tba), normal for an annual general meeting, of course, I would like to emphasise three additional reasons for being there. These are all to do with the Campaign Strategy of GLD - and as Vice Chair (Campaigns) I feel a particular responsibility for raising these issues with you.

  • Forest fire
    Article: Jan 6, 2020
    By Keith Melton

    The World is on Fire

    I feel sure you have been moved, like me, by some of the recent sights we have seen on TV and in the newspapers of Australia on fire, as it has been for months. We worried when the Amazon lost nearly a million hectares to fires starting last January. We continued to be concerned as over two and a half million hectares of Siberian Steppes were lost to ash later in the year. Now Australia is facing a loss of more than five million hectares of bushland, including many homes and many human lives already - as well as huge losses of animal life, including, perhaps whole species being lost to the flames.


the "environmental conscience" of the Liberal Democrats

We regard climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Countries around the world urgently need to implement the commitments made in 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Some countries are making significant progress but the UK is currently failing to demonstrate clear political leadership to address the urgent environmental problems facing the planet. The Green Liberal Democrats seek to influence political policies, both within the Liberal Democrats and across the wider political spectrum.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote a green approach to policy formation within the Liberal Democrats.

  • provide information and political education from a green perspective to party activists and elected representatives.

  • establish and develop links with the wider green movement.

  • welcome those that share our aims into the Green Liberal Democrats, to encourage participation in its activities and to ensure equality of opportunity for all members.

We seek to build support within the electorate for the transition to a green economy. If you would like to become involved there is a wide range of opportunities to contribute your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. Join on line here.

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Welcome to the Green Liberal Democrats.
the "environmental conscience" of our Party

GLD AGM 2019
Sat 14TH MARCH 2020 19.45-21.00

GLD Conference
20th June 2020

GLD AGM 2019

Sat 23rd November
at LibDemHQ George St,
(1pm Refreshments, 2pm Speaker, 3pm formal AGM)

Nomination forms have been emailed to all paid up members Libdem Spring Conference York 2019 GLD Fringes (Graham Neale (c))