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The Green Liberal Democrats promote environmental issues within the party and in collaboration with other organisations.

We regard climate change as one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Countries around the world urgently need to implement the commitments made in 2015 at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. Some countries are making significant progress but the UK is currently failing to demonstrate clear political leadership to address the urgent environmental problems facing the planet. The Green Liberal Democrats seek to influence political policies, both within the Liberal Democrats and across the wider political spectrum.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote a green approach to policy formation within the Liberal Democrats.

  • provide information and political education from a green perspective to Party activists and elected representatives.

  • establish and develop links with the wider green movement.

  • welcome those that share our aims into the Green Liberal Democrats, to encourage participation in its activities and to ensure equality of opportunity for all members.

We seek to build support within the electorate for the transition to a green economy. If you would like to become involved there is a wide range of opportunities to contribute your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm. Join on line here.

Checkout our facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/greenlibdems/info/

March to Stop Brexit Environmental Protection Stronger with EU - Green Liberal Democrats ()Join us on Saturday 20 October

Brighton Conference

GLD Brighton fringe details click:
Brighton Libdem Conference 15-18 September 2018

GLD AGM h19:45 September 15th,
Consort Room, The Grand, Brighton

Our latest News Articles:

  • Power for People logo
    Article: Nov 4, 2018
    By Kevin Daws

    This is a relatively new campaigning group who are campaigning for Local Clean Energy. They are currently campaigning for the Local Electricity Bill, which is supported by 79 MPs, to become law. Currently only 4 Liberal Democrat MPs have given their support to the bill and these are Wera Hobhouse, Tom Brake, Layla Moran and Ed Davey.

  • Vegan Coffee and walnut cake by The Food Rhino (greenlibdems.org.uk)
    Article: Oct 17, 2018
    By Linda Johnson

    (From our GLD October 2018 newsletter)


    • 20g Fairtrade Ground Coffee
    • 300ml Boiling water
    • 1 X Cafetiere
    • 150g X Dairy free spread
    • 150g X Dark brown sugar
    • 250g X Self raising flour
    • 40g X Aquafaba
    • 120g X Chopped walnuts
    • 200g X Icing sugar
    • 2lb Bread tin


    In a cafetiere mix together the 300ml boiling water and the ground coffee and allow to cool before pressing. Cream together 150g dairy-free spread and dark brown sugar in a mixing bowl until a smooth paste is formed. Add to the mix your self-raising flour, aquafaba and 100g of the pressed coffee; make sure you keep the remaining coffee as you will need it later. Mix together well before stirring in 100g of the chopped walnuts. Grease and line a 2lb bread tin and add your batter, making sure the mixture is evenly spread in the tin. Cook at 180°C for 45 minutes turning halfway. Once the cake is cooked place on a Safi coffee and 100g of dairy-free spread until smooth and lay over the top of the cake. Finish by adding the remaining walnuts and chill for a few minutes until the frosting has set then serve.

  • Traffic in East Grinstead
    Article: Oct 17, 2018

    The A22 London Road in East Grinstead has the highest NO2 concentration values across the Mid Sussex District, as stated by the District Council's own Air Quality Annual Status Report. A report issued by engineering consultants Atkins in 2012 stated that the London Road in East Grinstead suffers from poor air quality, and recommended that mitigation measures are implemented with high priority. To date, no measures have been implemented by the District Council to either ease traffic congestion or to improve air quality.

  • Jenny Randerson
    Article: Oct 17, 2018

    As Government announces 'Green Great Britain Week', Lib Dems say policies don't go far enough
    Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson for Transport, Baroness Randerson, unveils suite of policies in report entitled 'Cleaning up the air we breathe'

    Kent Liberal Democrats are calling for a ban on the sale of all new diesel cars and vans by 2025 as part of a range of measures designed to reduce air pollution and safeguard public health.

  • Pushkin Choudhury (greenlibdems.org.uk)
    Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Pushkin Choudhury

    (From our GLD October 2018 newsletter)

    Sir Winston Churchill is probably Britain's most well-known Prime minister across the globe. Many thousands of tourists come to visit the various historical museums and landmarks in the UK which inform them about the days of Churchill and his political career. One of these is the 'Churchill War Rooms' which I visited recently. The War Rooms not only give detailed analysis of Churchill's time in the bunker during WW2 but also about his entire political career.

    What particularly caught my attention was what Churchill referred to as his 'wilderness years'. We as Liberal Democrats can relate to this having spent the past few years in a similar position in British politics. Churchill fell out of favour with the public as he argued illiberal and unpopular opinions (including not giving independence to India and supporting Edward VIII's right to stay on the throne). Churchill had been a successful politician until then (up to the early 1930s) as we the Liberal Democrats were with the British electorate until 2015 (due to the disastrous coalition years). As was Churchill's opposition to Indian Independence, as is our opposition to Brexit-both issues deeply divisive and unpopular with the general population.
    However, there were 2 historical events which reinstated Churchill's popularity; the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia and the Munich crisis. Churchill gave constant early warnings about Nazi Germany which went unheeded. This is where the Green Liberal Democrats become an important component in the Liberal Democrat's revival. We must step up discussions on global warming and the dire consequences we face, and which have, indeed, already begun with temperatures soaring & plummeting and breaking all-time records in many parts of the world with attendant high casualty numbers as a result. Both the Labour and the Conservative Parties have not embraced environmental concerns as a serious issue for selfish reasons. In the latest YouGov poll (one of the only pollsters to come close to predicting the GE results), environmental concerns come 9th on a list of 14 issues, just ahead of Welfare benefits on 12%. So, this is a pivotal moment for the Liberal Democrats and highlights the importance of the role the Green Liberal Democrats (GLD) must play. As Churchill exposed the true intentions of Nazi Germany, the GLD must help expose an even more lethal enemy-that of Global warming.

  • Solid state electricity meter in a home in Holland. (This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Skatebiker. This applies worldwide.)
    Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Stewart Reddaway
    Real-time electricity tariffs to increase use of renewables and reduce prices
    As intermittent renewables are increasingly used to generate electricity for the grid, and as demand will continue to vary hour by hour and day by day, balancing supply and demand gets harder. If demand could be shifted away from when it is higher than (easily produced) supply and towards when available supply is more than demand, this would be a big help.
    More renewables could be used by the grid, and electricity would be cheaper, because less rarely-used generating capacity would be needed.
    Time shifting can be achieved by real-time tariffs that follow the varying price paid by the National Grid (to balance supply and demand), as described in the paper:
    (I am down as the author, but the editor, Richard Balmer, was heavily involved.)
    It was written over 3 years ago. Reading it again, I would add:
    1. A guarantee could be given that, over a year, a hypothetical user whose pattern of usage follows the national pattern of demand would be better off. If this is not so, an appropriate % should be refunded on everyone's bill.
    2. OFGEM could require that the big 6 suppliers must offer tariffs, and make them sufficiently attractive so they get a (rising) pre-set % of their customers on the tariff each year. This would give confidence to producers of smart products such as freezers..
    3. The quite large distribution costs can be recovered by a standing charge, a fixed extra p/kWh, or a % uplift on the tariffs. I prefer a % uplift, as it will mean very low/free grid prices are reflected in the tariff, and it also helps low users.
    4. Currently, the most advocated approach to dealing with intermittency is batteries, but real-time tariffs are cheaper, and better at dealing with extremes such as blackouts. The latter is because the economics of battery use is not to cater for rare extremes, whereas real-time tariffs allow the price to fluctuate wildly, increasing incentives for time-shifting demand during extreme high or low prices. But other approaches such as batteries will also be needed.
    5. A simpler alternative to real-time tariffs is to extend time-of-day type tariffs (e.g. Economy7) to have several more time bands and prices, such as a high price for early evening. This approach will lead to time shifting, but real-time tariffs are better, because they respond to the actual spot price which is affected by weather, season, power station breakdowns etc. When balancing supply and demand, they can offer bigger and better-timed incentives, for example when the grid is close to blackouts.
    6. Two examples of smart products are:
      (a) Freezers that lower their thermostats before high price periods, and raise them during high prices. This slightly increases the kWh's used, but is cheaper to the user, and helps balance the grid. For extremely high prices, the scale and duration of the thermostat adjustment can be increased.
      (b) TVs could, during very high prices, switch to an eco/dim mode, or even be turned off.
      In my view, real-time prices should be set by the actual spot price. An alternative could be that it is set by the predicted price 24 hours previously so people know the price further ahead.

    Stewart Reddaway

    ( Please use this Facebook Page for comments on this article )

  • Vince Cable - a Greener World (GreenLibDems.org.uk)
    Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Keith Melton

    (From our GLD October 2018 newsletter)

    From the heart! Message from Vice Chair Campaigns

    I have never felt more strongly that we are at a turning point for survival than I do right now, survival for the human species and large parts of the fauna and flora of this pebble in space that we inhabit. I am now in my eighth decade on Earth, so it seems likely that I will have shuffled off my mortal coil, long before the worst forecasts of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) come to fruition. Nevertheless, after close to 50 years of environmental activism, I still feel moved to press for change that is long overdue in the often opaque and murky world of politics, both national and international.

  • Steve Bolter (KNDaws)
    Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Steve Bolter

    (From our GLD October 2018 newsletter)

    Britain's efforts at slowing climate change are drowning in a sea of unfounded self-congratulation.

    Despite the attempts by the BBC and other media to ensure that climate change deniers are heard, most of the population accepts that anthropogenic climate change is happening and needs to be addressed. However overegged reporting of minor achievements is producing complacency.

  • GreenLibDems AGM 2018 : Graham Neale (Chair), Martin Horwood (President) and Peter Bruce (Vice Chair) (greenlibdems.org.uk)
    Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Peter Bruce
    The Green LibDems Annual General Meeting took place at the Brighton Conference on 15th September at the Grand Hotel. The meeting was swift and efficient and you can see the agenda and detailed proposals here.

    The reports of officers highlighted a year of growth and consolidation with finances now stable and a great set of activities from campaigning on Fracking and policies like Climate Change and Air Quality, along with lively conference fringes at Bournemouth (Sep17) and Southport (Mar18).

    At Southport Spring Conference Vince Cable gave us a speech as we celebrated 40years since the Liberals started campaigning on Green issues and 30years since the formation of Green LibDems in the new party at the time. A renewed GLD Annual conference held in Nottingham in May was well attended with great speakers from within and outside the party and regional TV coverage.

    The new committee was elected and just the new Youth Officer position remains to be filled to champion the new GLD Youth wing for under 26yr olds. The motions: to amend the constitution to allow this, to enable us to have memberships where Challenges are sent to members electronically (to save trees) and a motion to allow Committee post nominations to be made by oneself without the need for proposers and seconders were passed. The only rejection (to delay for a year) was the proposal for ONLY under 26's to vote for the youth officer as we still have to get that membership established.

    The AGM was pleased to have Wera Hobhouse MP give us a lively keynote speech.

    This led straight into a fringe event of the #3blokes in a pub famous Youtubers, talking about Brexit, this time (episode9) on the Environment with Wera included. Worth a watch online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSOnKlNa0rE

    ( Please use this Facebook Page for comments on this article )

  • Mary Page and some young Green Lib Dems at the stall at Brighton 2018 (greenlibdems.org.uk)
    Article: Oct 16, 2018
    By Mary Page

    (From our GLD October 2018 newsletter)

    Green activists in the Liberal Democrats are looking for a volunteer Youth Officer. At the recent Green Liberal Democrats AGM at Lib Dem Autumn Conference a new post of Youth Officer was created. The full post will be advertised for election at the Spring conference. Before then we're looking for a keen green-minded '@youngliberals' member to help us publicise the vacancy and advise the GLD Exec on how best to work with YL and young people.

    We're also really pleased to offer heavily discounted £1 per annum Youth Membership of GLD to all LD eligible youth members.

    To apply for the temporary Youth Officer role, send maximum 250 words describing your Green Activism or what you can do to promote the GLD to ordinary LD Members to Mary Page mary.page@greenlibdems.org.uk